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Saw that it was there and hit it. You know I was like some things up with that dude yeah. There was some there was stuff about him from the beginning that raises your hackles a little bit and it just Kinda keeps your going and going and going. We kinda talked about it just a second ago. I do want to circle back around to it. The justice for Bobby and bobby as a character just being someone that you feel a lot of sympathy for and that was I mean it was hard. It was hard summit to read some of the stuff he was going through. Wasn't it was a little it was heart wrenching. It was I really wanted bobby survive I was I was terrified for. Him I was sad for him because he was just so heartbroken his range of emotions when when you know at first, he thought it was him and then he started believe it wasn't him but he was still just. So desperately afraid that he was going to die will and he's the he's the only shifter around for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and everybody knows that he's a you know that he's Leopard and everything and. There's something about that. That's like makes you feel already compassion for him because he's an outsider. And that he is living in this small town and in this area where everybody knows everybody and everybody's in each other's business and he how's this thing about him? That makes him really different from everyone else and it's something it's something he can't control. It's something that just is who he is. I was kind of torn on how I felt the way that his family even treated him. Outside of you know. Well now, Jocelyn was working him for years. Yeah. But the way he was kind of treated like a house cat will he even says in the pictures I look like the Family Dog, right? Yeah he's he wasn't. Like. He was never. Fully fully into it because I don't know like I don't question it all that his uncle ray loved him dearly and did this and did the best that he could and you know maybe that's the best way to embrace the leper that's inside of him as is when the Leopard is forward is that's the best way knew how to treat. Yeah. To treat him as as family no excuse for Jocelyn she's not included in this conversation, but something about that just seemed sad. Yeah. Yeah you feel pity you feel empathy we feel you feel sad. You know his leopard. Well, it quote unquote not that powerful his lippard is a strong beautiful creature that's been reduced to a house cat. It is something about that. Just made me feel very sad for him. He was just never able to be fully strong. Yeah. To be fully himself and I mean obviously that can be applied to I think a lot of people have felt that way about many different aspects of themselves in their family life and I think that people could really see themselves in that character that kind of being ostracized. And especially, you know it's like we all know from the beginning as the reader we know that bobby didn't do this. We know it did anyway I was like totally did not do this I was I felt pretty sure but I was not I was not not expecting a twist where he was really behind it all I was thinking there's a possibility that this could be him and Jocelyn together and he just got it kind of got swept up in it somehow but then again, he was the one who is caught so I felt like Y-. The red herring kind of he wouldn't. He wouldn't have been able to rely on Newman being the out now, the Marshall that's assigned to them I just came across this one highlight that I had that I love so much and it's Anita's inner dialogue that said, I was not less just because you could out lift me in the weight room. We all had our strengths and weaknesses. Some people could do the math for astrophysics other people could drive. A stick shift no one person could do it all I love that there's a lot of that kind of vibe and hear about you know Cana being you and embracing you and like what your strengths are and stuff i. love that I love that kind of that kind of vibe and that was a perfect quote for it. She may not be able to do anything, but she can certainly beat the shit out of a wear leopard that says was so. Chance to subdue bobby. Yeah. Of course, it was horrible for Bobby and I was afraid he may have been dead for a while there. But so was she the imagery of him changing and her just just wailing on him even Duke says it's got a hell of a haymaker something along those lines. Yeah. No she can definitely, she has a lot of physical hand to hand combat training that's a ground throughout the books. So can I ask kind of a fun question kind of the floral as well? Oh, I know exactly what's coming go for it if you could be. A supernatural creature in this world for what you know of them right now and I know you don't know everything but would you want to be a vampire some sort of a shape shifter and of so what animal a animator? What are you think? So it's a little bit hard because I really haven't been introduced to the vampires in this world. They're they're very late Jean Claude is the king. They're very kind of like area hierarchy. Yeah I, definitely get. Just, say Yeah I get the impression that it's very much like the camera in the world of Darkness Sha. Yes. Ansa said a good similarly and that's the case I actually don't want to be a vampire because there's a whole lot about stabbing chickens. Yeah. Vampires come with politicking. Everybody always forgets that they want the funds sexy romantic. Children of the night vibe in it's like you know you're GonNa have to politic here. So I would have to be aware octopus. Stop I don't know if they exist but that's me. I would just go out to the ocean every full moon and just go swim around and catch fish and collect coconut shells and then. Well. You know. Let you gave me an honest answer. I can't fault you for that. Be a great where octopus. Great and I don't know maybe some will I mean you're not out of the politics could still end up as somebody's animal to call you know. But what are they going to have? You do slow you might they might have you steal things because octopuses are very sneaky. Now that's that's just analyst. At certain grief it's. Just an idea. Who says if I was aware octopus that I would have to be part of the coalition or they might. They might Cana Maki. Roll you if that's the case I, probably would like to be like Edward. Prior. To the end of this book I think I would just like to be a bad ass human. I feel you on that I would have no problem being yeah. Is that is that one of the creatures of this book a sociopath because there's a lot of them. For. True. Yeah. No. I would definitely be kind of a bad as human I. Think would be my preference as well. I've always loved the idea of the animators stuff and you know that goes into some epic places and some other books. But considering I'm you know like a vegetarian I'm not going to be sacrificing an animal every time I need to raise the dead. So that's like straight out for me. Unfortunately, I speaking of epic stuff. Apparently, there's a book where she raises a Zombie Army I wanna read that one absolutely a deal. But I mean of course I. Love Cats I. Love Shaped.

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