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Com WBZ. News time to thirty good afternoon I'm Cisco Koto Mariam's job in for Chris cried l. these are the top stories on NewsRadio WBZ Omarosa has a tape of a conversation with President Trump after she'd been fired more on the way from CBS news CFS is now. Investigating the death of, a toddler in a southwest side fire blue line is getting a security upgrade and a privacy watchdog wants the. Government to investigate Google WBZ sports George often cubs have the. Day off after their dramatic victory last night socks. Begin a series. In Detroit tonight WVU in business the Dow is down one hundred three points NASDAQ down twelve s and p down nine eighty seven degrees in Chicago land thread about our high of ninety overnight temperatures dipping down into the sixties in some of the suburbs eighty four degrees. Right now downtown at two thirty one ABS news update breaking up is hard. To do if you're Omarosa manigault Paul. Newman and the White House I asked to leave and I asked for counsel and I asked for my husband why was I denied at least four times when I spoke to him and he said he had no idea that should be alarming to any American that. The president United States, does not know what's happening on NBC's today show the former Trump eight and reality TV star said she was. Detained in the situation room when she was axed by chief. Of staff John Kelly CBS Nicole Killian says President. Trump is not. Happy over the weekend he called her a low light and in a tweet Monday the president called her wacky and said people in the White House hated her she was vicious but not smart manigault Newman says she recorded the conversations to protect her credibility what's really raised. Hackles at the White House is morose taping of President Trump after her firing I don't love you leaving at all CBS, news update I'm Pam Coulter WBZ news time to thirty two state child welfare authorities say today they're investigating the death of a, three year old boy in a house fire sparked by an. Electrical panel on the? Southwest side the fire broke out in a home on the sixty nine hundred block of south artesian on August fourth killing three year old Christopher cherry the department of children family services says it's investigating, possible neglecting connection with Christopher's death is just. In child welfare authorities also say they're investigating after a one year old boy died in an. Apparent drowning, Saturday afternoon in the, southwest side gage park neighborhood police say the. Boy had been left alone with an eleven year old sibling, about twelve thirty in the afternoon on, the fifty two hundred block of south. Artesian when the, sibling left him. Unsupervised outside the one year old then crawled into a pool. Where he apparently drown colorful statues of police dogs are popping up all over Chicago canine for Cops is public art artists paint statues of police dogs to. Benefit the Chicago police memorial foundation Chicago police officer Antoinette Elka czar says painting is good for her mental health it's. A hobby and a, reprieve from pain and pressure picked up a brush after. Her daughter was diagnosed with cancer sixteen years. Ago, her daughter beat cancer and she's still painting her police. Dog was painted for the Lola. University military science department. It's called rambler and she can't wait to show it off so exciting they love. Coming down Michigan avenue and finding these statues I've seen so many posts on social media and just have fun dogs can be found around Chicago rob heart NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM the blue line will be the latest recipient of new security equipment it's part of the safe and secure program. Which was announced in February the city says four, blue line train stations will be receiving new high definition cameras those stations Include Chicago grand. LaSalle in. Clinton it all the is upgrading nearly four thousand cameras to high definition and adding a thousand, other cameras throughout, its system the newest buses are to have ten to fourteen. Cameras each Bernie to voyage NewsRadio on one oh five point nine FM a security warning beware of fax machines acts. Machines may be, out of date but, the cybersecurity firm checkpoint says there. Are security flaws in tens of millions of fax machines. It works by sending an image file through the phone line or a. File at the fax machine thinks is an image file and that is coated to contain malicious software when a company receives. The photo the image is Dakota, and uploaded into the facts printers, memory allowing, the hackers to take over the device and spread the malicious code through the. Network Hewlett Packard quickly fixed an issue with its officejet pro all in. One fact printers but many fax machines are too old to update I'm Ed Donahue. A privacy Watchdog wants to government to investigate, Google following an Associated Press investigation, showing how the tech giant tracks you even when you tell it not to the privacy issue affects some two billion. Users of Android devices and hundreds of millions of iphone, users that rely on Google maps or. Search, if a, company is telling you that. It's not collecting certain. Data about you whether it's location data, or other types of personal information, and then it is in fact collecting that data that's classic. Deception dalit Butler with the electron ick privacy information center says the FCC FTC an congress should look into Google or already under. A consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission. For violating the terms of their, own policies with regard to privacy and data collection I'm. Julie, Walker Virginia investigators say they found no evidence of abuse at a detention facility after immigrant. Teens described being strapped to chairs with their heads covered with bags the investigation found, the Shannon doa valley juvenile center does use restraint. Chairs on out of control Residents considered a, safety threat but, that doesn't, meet the legal threshold of abuse or. Neglect federal civil rights lawsuit against the facility will proceed Louisiana expects to spend six hundred forty nine million dollars on homeowner rebuilding aid after the two thousand sixteen floods only about. Half the federal money congress set aside for the effort that means forty four, percent fewer households than anticipated or expected to access money, allocated for homeowners a new state report says more than twenty thousand. South Louisiana households with significant damage never took the first step to tap. Into an assistance fund that had one point.

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