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Nation podcast network. I am DWI. And it's always I'm joined by my co host the gym dogs for dinner as targeting fell consider the quick draw McGraw Facebook messenger. The trash talker supreme the one and only touchdown ball will not be bossed in a Matt online. Thomas gina. How're you doing? I'm doing great, David. Thanks. How're you tastic? And today, we've got someone back who hasn't been on the podcast Royal which makes us little bit sad. But we've got him back after a long hiatus, and he is one of our friends from cat scratch reader. And he is also one of the hosts of the keep sounding podcast for the Panthers. Also on the SBA podcast network. Of course, we're talking about our one and only friend Brian B were Brian. How're you doing? It's Slough Scott, dammit. The margaritas. Our kicking him, buddy. I'm sorry. I'm good. It's been it's been a season. It's been a last. It's been a last six weeks of. It's. I think we we both have many things to ruminate about. So with that. We're just going to jump straight into it. Because arguably this Sunday's game between the falcons the Panthers is the as I said on Twitter is the sadness injury bowl. Both teams are coming in pretty banged up. I think throughout the season both the Panthers in the falcons have suffered. Some pretty big setbacks in injury department. However, the Panthers at one point were were six into and going back to the Steelers game several weeks ago that started this six games slide that they're currently. Obviously, you know, some falcons fans probably keep up with other NFC south teams. But you could tell us a little bit better than most. What what is happened? What took place that took the Panthers from essentially a lock for a wild card to now being essentially out of the playoff race. That would be Cam Newton's are degrading over the course of the season for the most part. Got punched in the mouth by the Pittsburgh Steelers coming off a bye week on Monday night football or Thursday night football. I should say and. Just got. From their teams figured out the Cam couldn't throw the ball down the field anymore. Their defense wasn't really all that good to begin. With like their offense is definitely carrying them through the first eight weeks of the season. So now we're looking at a team that can throw the ball. Maybe ten yards down the field and best who. Pretty much predicate their offense on the number of things they can do. So you've taken away a big part of what they do offense struggles defense is I guess. Exposed in a way because their pass rush was in that great. So that just created just overall collapse on pretty much every side of the ball. And. Yeah, here we are Panthers are six and eight. Now, it's great. I think we we probably if there's anyone that can sympathize. I think it Gina is probably falcons fans this year. Lame especially considering the falcons just ended a five game slide coming into this game by winning against the woefully bad. Arizona cardinals. So we're going to jump into this match up because I know this is it is it's sort of the sadness bowl. But you know, Jennifer, you look at these two teams in in where they are from injury standpoint. Obviously losing Kim Newton who it's Brian Kirby from but he has he hasn't actually been put on injured reserve. He's just being. Sat for the game. Is that correct? He's essentially the third string quarterback. Yeah. Okay. Which seems interesting since to your point he's. Been suffering a long-standing injury the entire season. It seems like jeana when you look at this. And you think about what what has happened with these two teams? What's the story? What's the story here? What why why is this so significant? I mean, these were teams arguably let people felt like the outcomes of the Panthers we're going to be the top of the NFC south into those and eighteen and it looks like they may actually be two the worst teams in the NFC sell. Yeah..

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