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New sanctions on iran he's trying to force the islamic republic to negotiate a new nuclear deal after pull the u._s. out of the previous one deal should never have been done it wasn't ratified by congress wasn't properly done as you know as a tweet it wasn't properly done it was incorrectly done a spokesman for iran's foreign ministry said the latest sanctions mean permanent closure of diplomacy if the u._n. security council iranian embassador maggi talked revanche -i the u._s. decision today to impose more sanctions against don is yet another indication of continued use acidity against the end people and the readers secretary of state might palm peyot held talks monday with leaders in saudi arabia in the united arab emirates trying to build a broad global coalition to counter iran settling a federal lawsuit kansas announce it will allow transgender individuals to change their birth certificates to reflect their gender identities that reverses the policy imposed under former governor sam brownback a federal jury in peoria illinois didn't waste much time convicting brent christianson the 2017 abduction and murder of a college student from china a._b._c.'s ryan burrow has the story he pleaded not guilty but his own attorney admitted in opening statements brent christianson kidnap twenty-six-year-old chinese scholar and university of illinois student yingying jong while she waited for a bus and killed her the defense instead trying to prevent christians in from getting the death penalty in the federal case a jury taking just two hours to convict the man of the kidnapping and line to thirties he'll be sentenced in mid july the body of yingying zhang has still not been found ryan burrow a._b._c..

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