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You're listening to the inquiry with me, vita Puri, coming up after the news when I was studying in Europe and I told an individual that I was from Alabama, the actually asked and I'm quoting can you vote now? Alabama's Rachel history, still affects how people see it. We did believe some of the things that you hear about Alabama that they're just backwards people. They're uneducated they're racists. They hate blacks. Alabama is often singled out. No one is arguing that abortion is writing. Everybody should go get an abortion. Other states have passed tight abortion lose two. So why is this one place getting all the flack? This week. We all why is it always Alabama? Hello. I'm Tom watts with the BBC news to oil tankers have been damaged in a suspected attack in the Gulf of a month. The US navy says it's investigating the reports which suggest there was an explosion. And at least one of the vessels was on fire crew. Members have reportedly been evacuated after the ships sent out to stress signals. The news has prompted jump in oil prices, there's been heightened tension in the region since President Trump ties into oil sanctions on Iran inmate last month for tankers were damaged off the United Arab Emirates in sabotage operation. It's blamed on an unnamed country, the US accused Iran of being behind the attacks. The Australian state of Queensland has given its final approval for a controversial mind. That's been the subject of a decade of debate and legal action, environmental groups warned that coal produced, the Carmichael mine will contribute towards climate change will be run by the Indian. Company, Donnie Hogue Griffith in Sydney has the details initially the Indian energy giant, Danny promised. It would be one of the biggest in the world, creating ten thousand jobs, but it's Bishen and production targets of being scaled back significantly with the number now full to be closer to a thousand posts despite approval for the company's ground water management plan. Campaigners remain opposed and favor. This could pave the way for six other mines to be proved in the area. President Trump has said he would accept damaging information about his political opponents during next year's US election campaign, even if it came from a foreign government, Mr. Trump told ABC news, he would not necessarily call the FBI about any such contact. Chris buck is in Washington. The Democrats are lining up to condemn President Trump for these comments, particularly after the mineral ports which may have dismissed the idea that there was collusion involving the. Trump campaign and Russia, but it certainly sad the Russian government had tried to interfere in the two thousand sixteen election and, of course, intelligence agencies in the US warning time and time again, that they are concerned that foreign governments will try to interfere in upcoming elections, including the presidential election in twenty twenty MP's from Britain's Conservative party will vote later in the first round of the election for a new leader and prime minister there, ten candidates, his political correspondent, Ben right? As candidates are eliminated the crucial question. Then will be who that support us back instead, the contest so far being dominated by Brexit arguments over whether a deal can be renegotiated with the EU by October thirty first and whether talking up no deal. Brexit is a plausible promise. They will be further ballots Tori MP's next week until two candidates remain. It is the Tory party membership, who will then pick the next prime minister, Ben right? Well news from the BBC, the thirties in Hong Kong have closed government offices in the financial district for the rest of the week after a day of clashes over a Bill that would allow extradition to mainland China security is tight, but the streets today. Mostly quiet as report Wingfield Hayes reports from Hong Kong, a small group of hardcore protestors is back outside the legislature. But they are outnumbered by many more riot, police others who took part in yesterday's huge angry protests gathering boxes of masks and helmets and piles of umbrellas, and they are leaving for now, perhaps, in an attempt to defuse the anger. The Hong Kong government has again postponed discussion of the widely hated extradition. Bill that sparked this week's protests, investigators in India, questioning, six men, after a series of raids in the southern state of Tamil Nadu against suspected supporters of the Islamic state creep, anti-terrorism office. Mrs say one of the men was friends on Facebook with Iran harsh, the alleged organiser of the Easter Sunday bomb attacks in Sri Lanka in, which more than two hundred and fifty people died. The others have been accused of spreading the Islamic state ideology in order to recruit young people for militant attacks in southern India. Cyclone that had been heading for the coast of Gujarat in western India has veered away, but it's still bringing winds of up to one hundred and sixty kilometers an hour to the state cyclone value was expected to make landfall on Thursday morning local time. But his moving north westwards over the Arabian seat, the authorities had made preparations for the cyclone and three hundred thousand people have been evacuated. Japan's parliament has passed a law making it an offence to fly a drone while drunk people found guilty could set up to a year in jail last month. It was made illegal to fly drones over venues for next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo, as well as US military facilities BBC news. This is the inquiry on the BBC World Service with me. Kavita Puri each week, one question four expert witnesses and then onset..

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