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Bolton you know what duckie tunes looks like you've seen pictures you do we look just like cuper it just it's it's there's some question marks that definitely get a raised by that that revelation but the fact that there is this revelation you know makes it all the more interesting that we've got to know gene e e so much in lake in a why this family why did did the dabal ganger of innocent cooper go to this family yeah yeah also just worth mentioning that naming naomi watts has been killing it like at genie e especially early on when she like really told off the two criminals in the playground like just some really spectacular moments for naomi oh yeah and and you know and the fact that the diane is being played by laura dern whose mother is diane and she's basically playing her mother i you know she's just playing her mother like she looks like our brotherly diane could look like anything that you read in syria in the original series and it's like oh my gosh playing haram that is hilarious i'm sure there's so many idiosyncrasies that are her mother and it's just it's just past i was so shocked that diane was so vulgar and i was like how i you can't really imagine cooper having gotten along so well with diane back in the day if diane was always like this and as soon as i thought that the first time as was like you haven't he's also really close with albert albert scion of a pill as well yes indeed i mean you know the and was this just this.

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