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Blow everyone. . This is Imran Ahmed founder CEO of the business of fashion and I am here with my friend and colleague Tim Blanks editor at large of the business of fashion, , and usually around this time of year timid I do a debrief on the fashion week has gone by and it's usually been informed by some of the chats the Timman I have. . In the back of a car shuttling from one show to another in in all of the fashion cities. . But this has been it goes without saying a fashion season that was very different but we wanted to continue our tradition and as it's been such a unique and unusual season maybe it's even more interesting to talk about the fashion season that's gone by so. . Cam Maybe, , we could just start with. . The decision that both you and I made not. . Any physical shows season in what what led you down that path because of course, , there were some things you could have gone to here in London but in the end that didn't transpire. . Well, , my husband Jeff is very high risk and we have been so extremely careful since March. . That it just seemed the sensible decision to extend vet caution and keep on extending it until we know there's not some kind of. . Remove as much as remove as many random elements as possible from alive I I feel. . Schizo being out of the House for all the months I found it <hes> so. . Wasn't even the novelty I just found. . The options that we would given. . If we wanted attending things in person, , we could zoom with design is we we could dive we can do deep dives into collections I ended up quite seduced by the virtual option I have to say. . Come on a room. . That's a surprise because you know at the early. . Onset pandemic, , we were talking about Sasha <unk> demonstrating graying potentially. . Some shows never happening again. . You know you're quite pro fashion meets Elliott. . and Pro fashion shows because fashion shows have been my exposure to fashioned for my entire time working in this industry and I was definitely on the side of. . You know that way of that way of encountering fashion, , but this has been an education in. . So many ways a pop aside from the fact, , I've actually you learned to use technology and in a way I never thought I would I would ever be able to. . It doesn't kind of. . Terrify me Oh bull made whatever. . You know the as so many people said, , and it didn't matter whether there were people like me who just sit and look at things or whether they will buy as you know people who have whose bread and butter is the touchy feely side of the industry seventy people were saying the. . The ability to go back and look at things and to have to think of something, , and then be able to go back and see whether it was what you were thinking of old. . To cross-references and to. . and to be entertained as well. . I think the difference this season as people really really got their virtual presence together. . You know we've had a couple of. . Dummy, runs , <hes> that went. . Wildly convincing. . And I think this time there was so much thoughts and creativity and ingenuity applied to new ways of doing business that <hes> anyways. . Bringing us to the world that that it was a very, , very different game I felt. . Yeah. . You also got to spend. . More time with the designers because. . So much more I. . Mean that was a mixed blessing in a way because normally it's three minutes backstage a few questions and he whiz off and do your review, , and now it was forty five minutes zooms and so you having proper it reminded me actually it's funny. . It reminded me of. . When I first started covering fashion and I would go backstage interview designers and and people weren't that many people doing it in those days when there was a handful of camera crews and and you would end up in these. . You know half hour forty, , five minute conversations in depth with you know it was a novelty for you to be told to. . It was a novelty for them to be talked to, , and you would get people. . You'd have these extraordinary conversations that would then be brutally truncated into like a thirty second sound by something for the for the broadcast. . Meanwhile, , the these conversations floating around in an archive somewhere at this, , this is in a funny way. . This is what it was like that. . You would be having quite you. . You'd be having talks with people and so when you went to write about the collection you when you're approaching collection a whole different level of insight I think you know it's so in a way, , it was more time consuming and even though I wasn't kind of car with you driving from place to place flying from city to city all of that. . It was more time can I was sitting in my room it was more time consuming and Matt sense that and more sought consuming and more and ultimately more rewarding in a funny way. . I guess.

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