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Welcome to another episode of the World Shippers podcast where I talked to other science fiction and fantasy authors about their creative process. My name is Edward Willett Tendai. Say other authors because I am myself an author of science, fiction and fantasy. I actually have a brand new release. It's from my own publishing company, Chateaux press and it's called the from the street to the stars. It's book one in my young adult. Far Future Adventures series called the Andy. Nebula Interstellar Rockstar, which was the original title of this book this is. Is a revised edition of a book that came out a few years ago. It was short listed for a Manitoba Young. Reader's choice award and it was named to the our choice list of the Canadian Children's book. Centre and I think my favorite review of it actually came from a young reader who captured it pretty well. I think he said that to. This book is like Star Wars Plus Drugs Plus rock and roll awesome set in the far future, and that's pretty much. It as you might tell from the title. It's a lot of fun. It's out now in A. Book and A kindle sorry Amazon version of the paperback. With. A more generally released paperback version yet to come. And sit is book one and there was a second book called double trouble, which I'm working on right now. other things I have coming up the mass market release of master of the world, which is a book, two of my world shaper series. Comes out in August from Daw Books and then in September book three, the Moon World will come out as I often say that's the one that can be summed up as werewolves and Vampires and peasants. Oh, my. The world shape or series, of course, which I mentioned many times on here takes place in a labyrinth of shaped worlds. The people who shape those worlds live inside them. They're sort of like authors living inside their own books, and my protagonist who's been chased out of her own shaped world by the adversary is trying to go from world to world with her companion Carl Yachts, or her name is Shana Keys and together the knowledge of the making of those worlds, the shaping of those worlds to take to agreer the mysterious woman at the center of the Labyrinth order to save all of these worlds from. Eventually, being destroyed by the adversary. So the book one was set in the version of our world. It was called world. Shaper book to which is the one coming out in mass market paperback in August Master? The world is set in a Jules Verne like world and book three as I just said, is that a world with werewolves and vampires peasants so? Look for those and also look for from the street to the stars which just came out. The other project of course closely connected to this podcast is shapers of worlds. That's the anthropology of short stories by authors who were guests on the podcast. During the first year there are original stories and reprints kind of mixture and big names involved from John Sculley to David Brin to. Dr Charles E. We got Joe Haldeman. Tanya huff. Jewish Anita is a wonderful collection of short fiction and still waiting on a couple of stories to come in, but then I'll be putting that together. Hope to have it out I. Hope for Aug it might be a little later. Maybe this fall, but it's definitely coming. All Right? That's the introductory material out of the way except to say that this podcast is part of the CISCO PODCAST network. Now. Let's get to this episode's guest Adria lay craft. Pre Nights editor fiction author. End would artisan. Adria craft earned honors in journalism and ninety two, and has always worked with words and visual arts. She Co edited the urban. Green Man Anthology in two thousand thirteen, which was nominated for an Aurora award and launched her debut novel, jumped ship hope which will be talking about as an example of her creative process in twenty nineteen. Look for her short stories in various magazines and anthologies both online and in print, Adrian is grateful member of Calgary's imaginative fiction writers association if one I think I'm kind of. Honorary member maybe. The proud survivor of the Odyssey writer's workshop and you can find out more about her online. We'll talk about where you can connect with her soon. She also has youtube channels. Carving the Cottonwood and girl gone bag abondoned, which says soon to be renamed girl gone to ground, so maybe that's already happened I. Don't know Adria welcome to the world shapers. Thank you. It's wonderful to be here now. I say I'm kind of an. I feel like I'm kind of an honorary member. The F. Word because we've known each other for a long time through conventions in Calgary and. So, although I've never really been a member of the organization, I've been part of the writers at the Improv that that group does every year for many many years now. That is so much fun writers at the Improv. I've done it a couple of times as a program. In fact, I did it. When I was writing residents that through of public, library, and I did it again this year at the Saskatoon Public Library except. Did. Show it was just before everything closed down and I think people were little, if he. And I had all I had was an English as a second language class, and none of them wanted to compete so what I did was I just took? Words from them, because for those I guess I should explain registered the Improv is like any Improv. You get worse from the audience and you write a story using those words. I wrote a story on the words that they gave me so that was kind of fun for me. It wasn't quite the usual kind of a process though it. Enough about me actually here to talk about you, so we have known each other long time, and you've been a writer all that time that I've known you, so let's take you back into the mists of time as I like to say, how did you get interested? Well first of all in science fiction fantasy, and ended writing, which which came first, or how do those two things come together for you? I I have definitely been a reader and a fan of science, fiction and fantasy. Since before I could even read According to my mom I demanded to be taught how to read before kindergarten. because I was tired of waiting for people to have time to read to me. So. I I've always been a reader I read Laura the rings at age eight for the first time and I reread it several times and launched that launched me into reading Heinlein and stuff that I. Hadn't even. Thought it was old, enough or yet, but always always been a very avid reader, and then somewhere along the way when I realized I had to have a job in the big wide world. I realized that. That writing the books that I love so much. Could be a thing. Well! Did you studied well first of all? You grew up in Calgary. I presume, or is that correct? Or they're number two. So when you went to When you were in school, did you start writing stories and sharing them with your friends and that sort of thing? Yeah and I was I was attempting to write novels at that point I I am. I was still. Still Uncertain about short fiction, but I was always a book lover, and I I was attempting to rate at.

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