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W t o P. Updates 24 73 65 Listen, live on air when Alexa or on the W T O P s way go to Ian and the traffic center again Don't overdrive. These conditions was trying to get a lot of business and we don't really need it tonight. Extra caution as you venture forth with all that said in in Maryland, on the envelope of the Beltway, going down the health and Georgia Avenue before you get to Connecticut Avenue, watching the crash on the right side, two left lanes get by carefully. Our crash activity on the outer loop after old Georgetown Road believe those festivities have been concluded. The rest of the Maryland roadways ride fairly well, though, watching fork debris to 70 spur North bound right at the point where you combined with the other 2 70 lanes and head toward Montrose Road with caution for debris on the left side in Virginia, Prince William Parkway, South bound and Balls for Road lanes have been blocked. Brought to a stop for crash activity. And again the Prince William Hard Way South found it boss Word road, all lanes blocked for the crash activity on 66. After the Fairfax County Parkway crash activity. What's on the left side when last seen and then a little farther down after Nutley Street left shoulder was blocked by the work on the district side. No reported delays on the freeway D C to 95 90 95 with that reported incident gets Nelson Holiday Tune Up By 1 $59 Heater tune up now and get a spring A C. Tune up for $29 Call or visit Smell heating and air dot com E and Crawford W T o P Traffic storm team forced Matt Ritter back with us to tell us about our late night, Chris. Reputation. Okay, Dimitri overnight. Most of the precipitation will be out of here Really? To the next 90 minutes to two hours that this thing.

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