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Myself high functioning because this is quite a large part of my life than i m unable to navigate. That's a good special title. Hannah gadsby functioning. It's not call it high. Let's not and i think this it's really interesting space in comedy because often this is put down to gender. And when you when you think that there's a lot of comedians on the spectrum or given spectrum nudge recall but this straight men and the experiencing an it becomes dialogue about women with their fairly intuitive feelings And i look at that. An and i know woman on the spectrum behaves the way these men described you mean the and i know i know plenty of men. Who have these feelings. I don't understand nyc and they get angry about stuff. I just like. Why are you angry. It doesn't make sense you're talking about is not and i think that i think honestly. I think we'd have a much more interesting dialogue if we didn't do the difference between men and women and we did the difference between near typicals in an end. More atypical folk. Because a lot of you know the difference between men and women has shaped the way we view minimum and like that joke faked out know in popular culture. Like the the tagline of so many jokes is like women and what should they is like people with emotions and which is not exclusive to women of course and it's also because the you know they get to drive the conversation it looks less than because they're the ones with the microphone they going. Hey these these. My wives all the cushions evan. Why do they call it a throw pillow. It's time so it's a good bit. I'm just sort of.

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