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Norman Bryson is director of emergency services and Oslo county North Carolina had people on top of the roof of the cars. They drove into flooded roadways. We're going and picking them off the roofs of their cars with helicopters. We have had people who have been on top of their houses species. Emily row is in Wilmington North Carolina along the Cape. Fear river already broke a record on Friday. And as the tide comes in and out the water swells up into the downtown river wants threes and floods some of those three ABC's Jim Ryan also in north. Carolina says scammers are already striking from overpriced gasoline to fly by night roofing. Contractors North Carolina attorney general jar Stein, hazard five hundred complaints about people trying to take advantage of storm victims forms has brought hardship and despair all across the state. Let's make sure that that hardship isn't compounded by scare mortis trying to take folks. Money. Some of the sneaky most profitable scams involve phony charities. There are calls in Washington for a delay. In the vote on the nomination of Brad Kavanagh onto the supreme court. ABC's Terry Moran says a woman is now come forward accusing him of sexual assault back in the eighties. She alleges that about thirty five years ago, she was at a house party with four other people among them Brad Kavanagh in that he and another young person they were all high school trapped her in a room that Cavanaugh held her down on a bed. Tried to force himself on her covered her mouth to muffle her screams. A border agent is now being held in two and a half million dollars bond accused in four murders in Texas. David Ortiz, a US border patrol agent is allegedly eight calculated murderer killing four women all believed to be sex workers. According to the district attorney over the past two weeks will car this is ABC news. Renters warehouse. Sometimes it's a buyer's market. Sometimes it's a seller's.

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