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King help to start a trend that other fast food restaurants are getting involved in burgers that aren't made from meet the made from plants they're supposed to taste like meat well there's even talk of impossible foods coming up with went based fish that taste like fish could be the beginning of the future we're joined by a registered dietitian any good said on the care of the news on to these plaque meets full anybody king of interesting so there's lots of people that she that though based on and preference based on their belief system and of all welfare or whatnot and there's a lot and product now better looking white meat like the impossible burger at them about and you know I've seen it and I've actually taste and it doesn't seem very similar I wouldn't give it the exact same but for people that want to eat plant based and can I plant based protein it can be a good option for them if they really want that in the late well would be like to have a burger but do they actually provide the same kind of protein they do provide protein many venues P. protein and other protein the nutrients are a little bit different yeah definitely have Christine some of them believe it or not a little bit higher and faster because that can help you with that now feel like that binds the burger together so that it he's the one that better and more similar to a burger did you get a variety of nutrients and there are many of them are fortified simply because if you're making a product it's not naturally occurring like you might find it beats that had been shot yet naturally occurring what they're making product that you have to fortify then and but it does provide protein any drinking can be a good option for people who choose that or pre power the fortifying them reporter by it through the process of like when they take the actual product that was impossible burger and those types are made in a lab or in that facility let's say verses out on the farm and they put the vitamins and minerals the color to what they did you what other use so you know we fortify grain based products in the United States we fortify built with vitamin a and vitamin E. so it's adding in America they're doing the same product that maybe what they're saying and that plant based protein option about might be equivalent trying to get a look at that let's you and animal based trying to get us to become more acclimated to different kinds of meat alternative so essentially the be grown in a lab at some point the man it's interesting and the fact that there's a lot of so a lot of people globally are looking at fifteen ability so and that the world we're running out of land at working for people so long term that's going to be a problem for agriculture be at best of all what whatever your agricultural product is into there is a place to look at what are we going to you about that and how can we start to improve agricultural practices and other debates practices like the lab the each product to offer something to people that might be considerably more sustainable and that we might be able to get people to focus on or consume a little more out as we go into the future with a growing population we have to start looking back what are we getting you to feed a growing population without act that land to grow market any goods in is a registered dietitian you can find her at any goods in R. D. dot com if our kids follow their dreams we won't have a country with police officers firefighters and doctors new poll last kids under the age of thirteen what they want to be when they grow up YouTube video maker landed at number one thirty percent of children in this country answer the question that way that's followed by teacher professional athlete musician and astronauts YouTubers also number one in Great Britain but China's kids aspire to be astronauts first they're also more in should making sure that man explores space than kids in other countries feel.

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