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We don't hear from Eric anymore white drew sharp and a special shout out to Eric in falls church thank you for tuning in why would I do that like I wanted back but you can't change the past so times change people change people move on Eric stops emailing or calling not only do I not miss it might forgot about completely but then all other step up and they take their place we got this cat in Huntington beach John in Huntington beach John Huntington beach is like the new Eric in falls church John Huntington beach thing see some pretty special things you smart things you successful this is hand some things that people care what he thinks none of it's true I would imagine aren't on there met him but I've read all those emails not that smart not that creative not that talented I don't know what it looks like I really don't care personal appearances are not show fodder so I not seen or heard from Eric so I took Eric's music bad loser and I gave it to John H. B. and said that any time John H. B. emails which is essentially every single day he won't stop I'm a drop that on him and then out of no where here is Eric in falls church I don't know why he's calling I can't imagine that he would call to ask for his song loser back but we gotta find out right we go to falls church I jump him to the front of the line Eric do who'd Derek what's going on from thanks for the flattering build up those great but I I guess we were you doing with with the show I mean you're letting laying blame clone reform legends and knowing that Dylan copy them any reckon buffalo is basically doing a job for a rich man lam placed second and that's not all the men were clones Justin felt bills repelled Mitch Hedberg you let him into the back off the middle closer maybe do a fire Chris rock impression just give us a call if you take the invoice you know walk between police knock off but the worst thing besides reckon just gonna rip ripped off was probably me getting ripped off on Monday by someone uncreative unemployed and ripping off RAF most prolific email and a history of jungle I'm talking to you John in Huntington beach so trip down memory lane about ten years ago I server due to my own emails an LBO dropping interest music but when I got my email address the jungle of electric I was downing email donning the clones they want a room and I were doing one of our biggest trip rose put down a couple sapphire listing the eyes of everyone and we need to give other close a chance together so your emails are just too good so that's how long I came up the idea of dropping less flattering song hi my emails Lauren and start looking for artists who are struggling at the time you need a boost on record sales so we sell them back we don't start dropping back behind I emailed him back Recker still start by rocket back even contact me with big meeting email the show more provincially aside the thing was too much I stop emailing altogether John you can imagine the all you want but you'll never accomplish what I did you'll never get around to get janitor who killed one of recruiter friend you'll never get around to drop a special show to you at the end of one of those TV shows John a fellow the story to do this I am ripping back from you an overruling room you'll now however get a classic jungle email bit behind your emails but I'll be a different one in back I'll be giving some wrecked the sex.

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