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Now two three nine 93 93 that number is two three nine ninety three ninety three we've got a fun game we're going to play and we'll do it right after the news would stand layer between wip see mobile news all the level of the co you can expect an exit by al franken mostly cloudy thirty nine degrees partly cloudy and cold overnight it'll be partly sunny and still pretty cold tomorrow i'm stand lear here's what's trending at 530 medicine of public radio's reporting that senator al franken will resigned tomorrow amid numerous allegations of sexual misconduct indiana senator joe donnelly had joined the call for his departure the decision to move a us embassy to jerusalem triggering strong reaction across the middle east boxes conner powell reports from jerusalem palestinian president maputo baath rejected president trump's declaration tonight in fifteen that jerusalem is the capital of palestine and with this unilateral move america has withdrawn from its role in the peace process and despite calls for days that raged palestinians gathered in small relatively peaceful demonstrations today meanwhile israelis praised president trump in lit up jerusalem's old city's walls with the american ply in jerusalem potter pal fox news investigators say a little girls parents were unaware the seat had collapsed on top of her in an suv a grant county sheriff's detectives says chloe villareal of kokomo was left at the seat sunday afternoon at swayze while her parents helped the relative move belongings her death is being blamed on this the asian duty chest compression standing against the sale of their awada the executive director of the prosecuting attorneys counsel david powell says there is no regulation than what could be marketed as cbd oil and no evidence the marijuana itself has medical value if we're going to call it medicine let if he metaph no real myth you know that a physician control a pharmacist prescribe that is regulated tested and gone through all the probe of all the other medicines go through that's all were saying you can expect the general assembly to address this next year's session and clarify.

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