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The Terminator. What okay? This seems out of place I mean you know the the crossover with ghostbusters. ASPERSERS was so well received you know if they do it right. You know odd odd ball. CROSSOVERS can be successful. Crossover works because because like it's designed around like a humorous lighthearted concept just by its very nature. I don't think you'd get the same feeling you have transformed. Reverses the Terminator Die Casting John Light transforms versus streetfighter and Brian would also transfers versus. I want to point that out. Ready like we're halfway there Partner with Don or whatever. That'd be cool. That's something earthrights delectable Jack back there's a video review at t former checkout also t farmers There's a video of Gary Chalk. Playing I think is guitar. You're in singing for Christmas. Twenty nineteen I need to check that out to shame that I didn't know about that before. And there's also a review of a studio series fifty eight dark of the Moon Road Buster and what I saw of Nice. Yeah so they were. They were smart with how they did this. They quit the The weapons and armor panels over every service that would have an actual sponsor sponsor logo. So the only thing left are Shining Palo bat and the NASCAR branding a smart. Yeah cheaper too. Yeah but it looks. It looks really nice. There is a side by side with the original Dark of the moon robust retaliation there and it's stunning. I guess I'll say politely How far the toy designs comes since then okay Dot Net you can find all of our shows and stuff there We have our NARC is going back to all the way back to nineteen ninety nine over twenty years. That's a lot other shows to all of it. Yeah I think last I checked like three thousand podcast episodes. It's probably way more than that now. But there's a ton there between offer shows that we've done over the years I I e we are on twitter at T.F. Radio it on facebook at facebook dot com slash radio and of course also on Instagram at T.F podcast. PF He was taken unfortunately. Oh probably those Texas flood radio people they had he effort dot com for a while. When I lost it because I I lost it? Like can two thousand or two thousand one in. They had it during them. But I got it back but of course we are also again on Youtube. Subscribe live at Radio Free Separate Youtube Roku and on fire TV. You can watch us there. We're on apple PODCASTS. spotify tune but in my heart radio stitcher stitcher exist anymore. Beat me man. I don't know if you're listening to the station. Maybe you should move on something else. And you're listening on Stitcher at your tweet us or email or something or voicemail since you're like ten years behind the Times right so it's yes But all that's there I'm Brian. Kilby Dot com my happy daily podcast. They've been very active lately with all the Christmas stuff even though Christmases Regan still isn't that Christmas albums Amurri planning out my twenty twenty Christmas album. Yeah I'm pretty excited about that. Actually it will hopefully be done by by June or July. I think my most ambitious project yet. I'm on twitter at Kilby and on Instagram at Brian. Kilby share wanted pictures. Church of my foster kids with my face swapped over them. Most people love them. Some people hate them. But I can't. What sometimes sometimes? It's clever other times. It's just as creepy. Yeah that's I. I go creepy. If if it's clever I just lucked out. Of course. I can't show their faces because of North Carolina Statute so. Do I do what I can. So I base swap. And it's it's it's it's light light hearted warm happy goodness. So you're GonNa say it's light horror. Her light horror horror began his Kooky. Kiss altogether spooky hadn't family but there's that Rob Plays not here. He is at Rob flails on twitter and at fl throughs on Patriot Patriotic Dot com slash. Yes I believe that's correct. That's correct flail. Through his also his youtube channel where he does the battle up ration- videos and they moved into the data gun to mayor. which if if you knew anything about gunman that means something to you? Otherwise it's just a lot of words that sound strange and you can I think right here you can select a a gun for him to us. customization options and things like I believe it starts at two dollars which is Quite deal Let's see here. Who Else Rob Springer? Of course he is. Is that zombies dot org and Rub Springer Luna at that John D. Everywhere die-cast is on twitter die-cast too and at our ESI see reviews on youtube and.

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