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Nicky Nakayama, Los Angeles, Clementi discussed on The New Yorker Radio Hour


Here's helen. Not long ago. I had one of the best meals that I've ever had. It was at a restaurant called a knockout in Los Angeles. And the kind of food they serve their is called K Seki Kentucky is a type of Japanese cuisine that you might not be familiar with. It's not that common outside of Japan. It's an incredibly formal ritualized elaborate meal that unfold over the course of hours, there are dozens of courses the chef at Anaka in Los Angeles is a woman named NICKY Nakayama, I visited her in the kitchen a few days after I had my meal at Anaka, and when I showed up she gave me a tour and this is our dish pit area. But trust us a lot more organized than what hap- service, but he's just a lot going on because we have so many dishes with flake incredible. We had to build a shed outside just to house those dishes. That's why we love our dishwasher Clementi's been with us for three years. I feel very fortunate that people wanna like hang out with us and stay even though we want to kill each other. Some fires. Very normal. Nakayama was born in L A, and she grew up there. Her parents are Japanese immigrants who owned a seafood distribution company. So she spent her time as a kid working in the warehouse or hanging out in the office. She figured she was going to become a musician. Maybe a pop star. But she ended up spending three years studying traditional Japanese cooking in Japan, and in two thousand eleven the combination of all of that training and running a couple of other restaurants in LA, she opened a knockout, this is my work area. We're here the kitchen that Enoch is the first one that Nakayama has been able to build from the ground up. She designed it to suit herself. She's five foot one. And so everything is at counter height or lower. She has notes pasted up by her work station near the past reminding everyone had a feel what the mood is what Anoc is all about. But one of the most important.

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Nicky Nakayama, Los Angeles, Clementi discussed on The New Yorker Radio Hour

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