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Connie Thompson more Connie stories on our website komo news dot com check the consumer page for some folks who were definitely in the holiday spirit were in Paterson New Jersey nearly a dozen people surprised a waitress with a twelve hundred dollar cash tip is an early gift Sally Thomas says he and a group of his friends left the tip with a waitress at an I hop restaurant and each person had brought a hundred dollars in the waitress was so shocked they say she tried to return the money at first Thomas is an activist and a teacher and he says he's hoping that this act will inspire others to do good deeds for strangers well there's a reminder about trying to cheat your way to the car pool lane the state patrol tweeted an image of a driver who was caught trying to fool troopers by placing a wig on the passenger he seat headrest the driver was left with a three hundred eighty nine dollar ticket a new state law adds an additional two hundred dollars to anyone caught scamming their way into the HOV lane eight fourteen right now almost triple a traffic update with here in Georgia in working with the crash in Seattle south but I five near Denny that's been blocking the left lane now it looks like it may no longer be blocking but I'll tell you that south but I five is back from four or five into the area going from live with the Seattle takes just over an hour now southbound four or five approaching cold creek we have a new crash this is partially blocking the HOV lane that drive is been busy off and on for my ninety the northeast part they'll be to rent to that twenty one minutes south for five also really dragging for my five state route five two two plus additional delays all the way through Kirkland meanwhile northbound four or five that solid from one six seven into new castle north at one six seven itself busy much of the drive thru Sumner and we're also slow from highway eighteen defy sixteen northbound I. five average delays due to come a city center if you continue to travel north better way to Seattle that's taking you and our if you're going from bell B. to Seattle at the half hour on either west five twenty or west ninety and the west Seattle bridge working with slow down from thirty fifth tie five our next couple traffic at eight twenty four mostly cloudy for today and into the rain is going to start to overnight for showers to develop for rain tomorrow near forty five by the way today size forty eight.

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