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I was GONNA ask originally. Are there any stories that surprised and now I have to ask how many of I mean they all did. They all surprise me. Part of what surprised. Me was the permissiveness. In terms of public outrageousness ourageous nece in misbehaving was just way out of measure with what I had imagined and with what it is now. I mean that these stars would pass out and super bowls and end up naked in pools with this regularity and did they were fine. They had reputations maybe but their careers didn't implode and they weren't torn torn apart in the press for it and they weren't not getting hired back and uninsurable or whatever that's different than it is now but I would imagine in large part that head to have contributed to the founding of the Hollywood coat both on screen and off. I mean onscreen. They were limiting. What could be shown in film but the exploits were certainly the talk of the town? Yeah Yeah I think so and I think that there was a kind of puritanical tightening up of how they wanted people to behave and how they wanted them to be represented in. The code was was enforced to do that. We talked earlier about how the start of talkies meant that. Suddenly you had scripts. You had to have lines that had to be memorized memorized. And well. That's another point to which I didn't bring up is that you did have to do more work in preparation and remember your lines and that also maybe put some limits on the revelry But what other changes happened over the years in terms of how Hollywood was partying. Well I mean I think a big change that happened was people shooting on location much more and the of moving equipment and the desire to go to different locations and film in some ways that started early and chaplain was doing that and people were doing that but for for a lot of the years it seems to me. The first half of the last century so much production was happening in town on studio lots so kept all the actors in town. They lived here. They worked here. And in that way they went out to these places Chasen's and Romanovs encierros and the Polo Lounge and Brown Derby. They were just places were they knew they would be sort of welcomed and protected and also seen and then they would find each other there and so in that way. I think it was a hard charging community that it it may be became less so over time when people could live in different places and when worked for months in New Orleans or in you know Atlanta arm wherever aside from personalities you talked about the places that are now institutions but back then were not you mentioned garden of Allah a famous famous hotel. Yeah and the Beverly Hills Hotel which when it was built was almost a disaster for the owner because nobody was living in Beverly Hills what he did he couldn't get people to come out that far. I I mean one of the things that was interesting for me and moving to Hollywood in writing about these places was looking for ones that were still around and not so many of them are I mean the Beverly Hills Hotel L. is and Musso and frank grill is but there's a lot of other places you know carneval as not cock and bull like different ones and yeah these contributed to partying being in it was an important ingredient in making it all happen. The book does talk about different places sometimes the case of the Brown Derby which had a cocktail the Brown Derby and whether they invented the cocteau himself so it was invented and named after them which is one of my favorite cocktails which is bourbon grapefruit juice and honey syrup or the cock and bull which he's credited with inventing the Moscow mule and had to do with the fact that the owner of the cock and bull was making and distributing his own brand of ginger Beer and he found himself saddled with too many cases of SMIRNOFF and he had a surplus of his own brew that he was hoping wouldn't go bad and so in this sort of desperate Britt did he kind of poured it all together. He decided he often just mix my remaining ginger beer with this vodka and added some lime and served it up and he served served at actually in the copper Mug and one of the actors who hung out. There was a great character actor Roderick Crawford who is through giant man and a big drinker and he apparently was the first customer former to give it a try. He liked it a lot. He said it had a bit of a kick to it. So that's how the Moscow mule was born the drink with the velvet kick before we wrap any other stories stories that you want to share with us. Well I could read a fun. One about Ava Gardner. There's a lot of men who were hard drinking and big screen personalities. In that way but there I also a lot of women who were having their own fun in wild time in Ava Gardner has perhaps my favorite quote in the entire book. A party isn't a party without a drunken bitch lying in a pool of tears which may be configured for your New Year's party probably not a good goal to shoot for now when I think about it though. The story and Ava Gardner all region that we had a wonderful time. That was all she would say. Ava Gardner during Frank Sinatra had met before years ago at Macondo back when she was still married to Mickey Rooney Sinatra had led with soft open something to the effect of wishing he'd gotten to her. First Gardner found him charming. They bumped into each other a few times thins at various nightclubs. There's even been a dinner date once after. She'd left Artie Shaw. They kissed a bit at the end of the evening but Sinatra was still married to Nancy and had kids so she hadn't let it get too far. This time though is different. They were at Daryl's Gerald Xanax. House in Palm Springs for a party. It was fall. Nineteen forty nine Sinatra. As usual was flirting with her crazy she put up with it for a while then reminded him once. He got too pushy that he was still married now. He insisted he and Nancy were finished for good in seeing as he was now available would he be interested in going for a drive. Gardner grabbed a fifth of whatever for the road. While Sinatra quite famously had a predilection for Jack Daniels to garner the tape of booze hardly mattered. It all tasted like hell to her. Anyway so bottling hand. She climbed into Sinatra's Cadillac convertible in the two of them sped off into the desert night. swigging all the way by the time they came to it was stop in the little town of the streets were deserted Sinatra pulled her clothes they kissed and kissed and at some point during their escalating passion Sinatra reached into his glove compartment in pulled out a gun scratch that he pulled out two guns both Smith and Wesson thirty eight naturally. They began to shoot up the street lights hardware store window several rounds that ended up who knows where Sinatra hit the accelerator and they kept on shooting all the way back to the highway. It was a few hours later. When Sinatra Actress Publicist Jack? Keller received a phone call from the police station. They had a story that hasn't yet reached the press. Not just a story about frank. Sinatra's drunken arrest but a story of his drunken arrests while out with famous actress who wasn't his wife in if Keller wanted to keep it under wraps he would need to get to India fast. The police back then were so much more. Amenable Keller immediately called a friend who managed the Hollywood knickerbocker hotel borrowed thirty thousand dollars and took a charter flight out of Burbank. By early morning he paid off anyone. You want who might have been inclined to talk the cops. The hardware store owner some poor drunk schmuck who'd been grazed by one of the bullets Sinatra and Garner were released without further incident Gardner for her part denied. Any of this ever happened. When she returned to the house he was renting in Palm Springs and her older sister Baffi asked how her night with Sinatra had been all she would say was? We had a wonderful time so I guess the bottom line is for our whole show have a great time on New Year's Eve. Just oh get caught. The book is Great. I do recommend it is available on Amazon and elsewhere of all the GIN joints stumbling stumbling through Hollywood history Mark Bailey. Thank you so much for joining us on this special New Year's Eve episode. I'm thank you you know. Thanks fun to tell these stories stories and I think New Year's is a good time to go out and have some fun and let loose a little bit. I recommend it quite like these folks did but you know I hope everybody has a good time. Fine thanks for joining us. Hollywood unscripted is created by Kurt commedia and presented in cooperation operation with the Malibu Film Society. This episode was hosted by Scott to law school. West Bailey producing edited by Jenny. Curtis Sound Engineering Nehring by Michael Kennedy recorded at CO media's Malibu podcast studios the executive producer of Hollywood unscripted is Stuart Halperin. The Hollywood unscripted the theme song is by Celeste. 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