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Not a wide left while leading thought the puck was going to be down the as but Barkov it blocked at initial outlay now point out to center leaves it for kucherov across the blue line dishes left point circuit yet. This bang it'd front grabbing a coup drop, we'll shoot save Riber and he holds on to shave their by Rymer six twenty remaining six to lightning. Yeah. That was a good keep by circuit, Chevron, and he got it in to about the hash marks. And kucherov gets the puck real on his forehand. Fires and Rymer makes to save. But that was a good shape. But the puck was rate item. Same as Miller shot. When you get that, you just turn and fire. You just wanna make sure you get it on the net. And that's what they're did. Stamkos Atlantico l'amico wins. This draw. It at Yandell a pass blocked by Miller Holden, right point, right circle. Yanni Gord back from Miller at the top of the right circle had been open try to go back to Miller office. Boy. Tronto will gather the puck and lose it Miller at the right point finally checked by Toronto. It's out of the zone under six minutes left lighting lead six to a counter Miller to Gord across the blonde Girardi right point holds it in sweeps it down low JT Miller right corner. Stamkos centers at gourd. Back. Can't shoddy at a top angle. It went wide right now Girardi right point. Let's go to stamp goes. Set up what had been drills show wide rate long chip to the lightning Girardi or right? Put shots..

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