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Acting Governor, National Lieutenant Governors Association, Virginia discussed on America in the Morning


Don't provide you with a real spare just that phony sort of tyre the concept applies to government as well. And is now playing out in the most interesting way in Virginia. Governor weld north is under intense pressure to resign after admitting than taking back the admission that he appeared either in black face or a Klan robe for his college yearbook, but Virginia's Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax is facing sexual assault charges and third in line of succession as attorney general Mark herring. Who admits that he wants a beard in black face, which takes us to fourth in line to be governor Virginia house speaker Kirk Cox, but he's something even worse in the eyes of some. He's a Republican actually only forty four states have Lieutenant governor's understandable, given that they often have little to do but attend meetings of the national Lieutenant governors association. No joke online at. In L dot US. Those other six states. A gubernatorial vacancy leads to the Senate president taking over in Maine, New Hampshire and West Virginia while in Arizona, Oregon than Wyoming the secretary of. Some states kiss off the line of succession, which is only too deep in the Lasca, South Dakota and Wyoming by contrast, New York and North Carolina. Go twelve deep added North Carolina. That includes the Commissioner of insurance in Hawaii. The director of taxation is in line to be governor, which may strike you as redundant Colorado solves a succession problem for many states by saying that after the governor and Lieutenant governor come the Senate president or house speaker unless they're of a different political party from. We honor goes to be house or Senate, minority leader, electing governors and legitimate. Governor separately has led to a few governors being afraid to leave their states for fear that the Lieutenant governor of the other party become acting governor and cause mischief maybe the answer is to have the US vice president on loan to any state without a governor. It'd give him something to do and keep him off.

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