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One K. F. B. K. fifty five degrees now in Roosevelt's twenty eight south Lake Tahoe and fifty in Sacramento at news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. none of the stories that are trending on this Wednesday morning this morning officials are working to crack down on drones that are flying near the Golden Gate Bridge to get pretty pictures it is illegal the National Park Service banned drone use surrounding the bridge in twenty fourteen to protect people and wildlife and according to the San Francisco Chronicle the FAA has not designated the airspace above the bridge as a no fly zone generally it prohibits flying over moving vehicles a new study says one in four kids kids I needed antibiotics at children's hospitals more from case to case Ted Garcia researchers say one quarter of kids receive antibiotics in children's hospitals are given the drugs inappropriately which increases the risk of antibiotic resistance it's kind of an arms race between that antibiotic the bacteria and they're like yeah but rather short as you'd expect them all quickly and they essentially out mark that drought and their genetic change that may become resistant to that truck that we have that's Dr Aaron Donald since she says sometimes it's best for doctors to wait before prescribing antibiotics for kids because their symptoms just might be a cold which is a virus and something out of biotics can't treat Ted Garcia news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. also this morning new laws designed to provide a new oversight over medical exemptions to vaccinations have yet to take a fact Lee Russon is with vaccination Californians as the laws are clear and they need to be enforced immediately frustrated that the department seems to be slow walking implementation the California department of public health is slated to take over vetting medical exemptions but no timeline has been given on when that will happen a new study finds the majority of job seekers are lying more from case to case Maryland Haidar a reference checking company checks to find seventy eight percent of candidates who applied for a job or received a job offer in the last six months admit they did or would consider misrepresenting themselves on the resume or job application in order to stand out some of the top wise having a mastery of skills they barely know how to use like excel lying about their GPA saying their degree when they were really a few credit short fudging about their title length of time at a company and saying they achieve things they didn't the survey included responses from four hundred job applicants as well as four hundred hiring managers recruiters and other human resources professionals Maryland Haidar news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. Forbes list of one hundred best companies to work for is now out in KPK is ladonna Harvey tells us that they're offering employees what they really want to set up what they think they want some have their head in the sand maybe others I think are just a little misguided in terms of what they think people want is hiring an employment expert Jackie do she tells koco news those companies will find themselves scrambling to hire and keep workers if they don't start getting it right and that really starts at the top what they should be doing is investing in bringing someone on board and maybe help with culture but you're right it does trickle from the top down and and that the peace really missing the one hundred best on the list offered benefits like subsidized childcare and tuition reimbursement not casual Fridays and beers on tap ladonna Harvey news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. we are getting word from the White House this morning that president trump intends to address the nation at six o'clock eastern three o'clock Pacific time today regarding the corona virus no other details are being provided but again we're expecting that sometime this afternoon our time three o'clock now now it's time to get you all caught up on this hour's top national stories on news and ninety three point one K. F. B. K. happening now on Capitol Hill health and Human Services secretary Alex Cesar fielding questions from lawmakers on the deadly coronavirus and asking Congress to approve two point five billion in funding to help fight the outbreak here in the U. S. it comes after the trump administration also proposed budget cuts to the department democratic congresswoman Rosa DeLauro criticized that move we are not robbing funding for other emergency activities to pay for this emergency there are more than twenty seven hundred deaths mostly in mainland China Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer meantime says the Democrats will request eight point five billion in emergency funding president trump will also hold a nationwide address tonight on the coronavirus fresh from the debate stage Joe Biden getting a key endorsement by South Carolina congressman James Clyburn today Biden's lead has slipped in recent polls in the palmetto state with Bernie Sanders leading and on Wall Street investors trying to recoup some of the losses this week the Dow right now up by four hundred points shell Franzen ABC news food trucks are being used to fight student hunger and one local community that's news from your neighborhood and that's coming up straight ahead more than half Sacramento voices you can trust giving you and perspective KFBK morning news with Christina Johnson and Sam Shane on.

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