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NFL Melby the NBA to 'em? It's all in here. The Golden State media concepts sports podcast. Listen. Welcome to the seas. Podcasts. I am your host Mark Souza with me. Of course is Jeff Jeff. How're you doing today? Doing fantastic. How're you? Well, I'm doing a lot better than Alabama fans and the players that's all I know for sure. I think we can all agree that Alabama fans players coaches are all having a tough tough day today. Tough morning after that incredible. Just domination right from Clemson. They don't first beginning. Quarter was exciting back ExCo the first pick six, and then that's comeback from Alabama. And then and then he got out of hand that third quarter. I would say I got out of hand. Well, second quarter got adding you're right. There's a lot of back and forth in this game. I mean, especially early obviously only early, but we thought I mean, I'm sure you thought the same thing when you're watching the game that when you're watching the first quarter that this game could be like fifty five fifty one barn burner type game. Right. Well, we all thought that like thought that we're gonna what it was gonna lead to but. Didn't there at three? I four and a half minutes of the game. It was exciting. I and I was like, oh, this could go right down to the wire. And then it really really didn't. You know? It's funny..

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