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Vra. Eaten it right now. it is so nice lack dean's rise eat my fourth meal at taco bell just for tonight at is courtesy of cristiano gucci mane. And i'm thrilled to be joined as always by my co host mr miles right here. We go a little bit of musical one. Shit shit. No one ever smoke. Miles until i pass jacked up the other night. Don't you remember all the things you said to me. Your hand moving frantically. But i'm so used to saying do your fine but you couldn't come down fewer to hod sucks for me. This old man's high adjust gotta let my co hosts know you're being into okay. That is from a track that i recommend for the right out. Pink panther says break it off and shout out to x. Lucien on the discord who created an instrumental for even meet to put that aka over. So i love the dedication. I love the fan base. i love the. I love the idea that jack would smoking but already gives me. Yeah yeah i would. I would be my in my own head. Then they got that part but that it was like the after like half of a hit definitely not be like. Oh god you hate me. don't you you hate god over this too deal record every day. I don't hate you get you of my hands are like person. All right. well mild We are thrilled to be joined in air third seat by the very talented writer and stand up comedian. Whose percent up album father's day came out last year and was number one on itunes. She's also podcast..

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