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Got right path to Cal tackles got a three yard gain for style. And the problem is a big like that doesn't look like he should be moving that fast. And and that was the problem just dried and also took a bad angle on on his tackle. He should have been there for it. And instead would he took that inside angle he got himself in trouble and Herbert was able to run past and I down after the forty six three yard gain Harris peeling back defensively. Now that might be changing the play at the line of scrimmage because of the way the bears were backing up with their safety. Governor Ronnie play over the left side indicates to the forty eight yard line of California. Ball being cared that time again by Travis die. So the freshman getting a lot of chances to carry the ball right now came into the game one hundred eighty three hundred thirty eight yards rushing six yard gain. Hongo make stop propel. And another running play and it got the right to the first down marker. But an I'll pick out it's a yard short. The best maybe a three yards and they needed four. During the ball rusty Becker on the stop both third and one together the place on the field that we're not surprised if the duck take comprise if they need. Herbert carried himself. He's so big thick thick. Go for the hand off a runny play. Oh, you get past the whole deep. It's gotta be touchdown. Five. Touchdown Oregon promise on the right side. And Bo was gone. That was horrific. Run by Travis die got some touchdown a forty five yard. Well, you commit everybody could Iran bears brought eight guys up in that box. Everybody sugared up or on the rush airplanes zero coverage behind trying to bring that pressure package in as soon as soon as you get through that line of scrimmage. You got something going on in that time. The bears had everybody committed. And live by that time it cost him Adam stack for the extra point. Pickers up kick as good throw. It reverses again. Now, the ducks are back top at fourteen to ten by forty four to go in the second quarter point in time for the bears to catch up and pass again, take a break. You're listening to Cal football from learfield. Okay. They said don't go away. I won't go away right here. That's right. Stay.

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