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That that republicans don't count those as infrastructure and real public infrastructure led mass transit and roads and bridges and digital infrastructure i for the underserved is expensive do you think the new deficits the tax bill will create at very least in the short on makes an infrastructure bill more difficult changes the debate in congress and 2018 eilat yeah i think it's impossible i mean i think another thing that was happening as far back in january is the republican there was never a formal proposal but the at the broad outlines of things included a lot of tax breaks a lot of privatization are working through the private sector much much more than democrats think is wise or feasible or sustainable in the long run so i think it was probably always a nonstarter but i i do think that the alternative history the trump administration would have been that he came out with that rather than aca repeal uh that he worked with his friends chuck in nancy to make it more you know focus on public sector to include some of the priorities like i think they wanted to include rebuilding school crumbling schools as infrastructure which i would agree that that's infrastructure it had he been the kind of person that some people thought he would be like a kind of new york dealmaker transactional not to totally ideological i think he could have really split the democrats and and possibly this whole story we're talking about with virginia would not have even been a story because there wouldn't be this massive democratic uprising and resistance had he been more of a pragmatic none it added logical president does that razor dilemma for you as a progressive like if there is a real infrastructure bill which is a democratic priority in most years should they go along with it and make a deal or resist because trump in that can wrap congressional republicans would get a.

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