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Became a classic for a reason we're making fun of it but it's what they did is kind of an achievement beyond the fact that it cost three hundred thousand they get a thirty million dollars but the script is not good in as a person who only rights for a living i'm fascinated by this kind of thing because it's such a barebones story like basically they told him they gave him the idea it's going to be the babysitter murr's as babysitters getting murdered so somewhere how long did they say they spent on the script it was it was only a couple of weeks i read ten days yeah it was real test normal yet again you'll people are homeless gripped by one hundred twenty pages of text like and most of that time is not been writing most the time should be spent thinking about the structure of the story things you won't happen you really should be able to pound out a good 128page story in a week and a half net if you've done a wry is should take a little bit the it's clear the script part is not the important part to him yeah the music is extremely important how shot is extremely important so you have an example here of a script that is really sloppy like for instance if you go if you were to do a second draft of the script which i'm competent what we saw was in fact the first draft of yeah i'm sure the i think they had four total weeks of like it was something like four total weeks of 20odd days and then like maybe two or three weeks of preproduction so it was it was just barely over a month total for to work so they probably didn't have time to raise second church though if you were to go back and try to do a second draft drafted the script.

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