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Shooting, even admitting how he shot an 11 year old girl numerous times when she denied being Amber Girl later told deputy she played dead and prayed so she could stay alive well as the investigation continues in the last weekend's mass shooting, Judd says the Gleason family needs help. And he's asking people to donate what they can to help with expenses if a lot of people will donate a little money. And they'll send it to poke sheriff charities. 100% of that donation. There is no administrative fee. 100% of that donation will go to the family. Judd says. Several go funding sites have been set up, but he says one of them is suspicious, and detectives are trying to determine if it's legitimate. No one hurt after the crash of a small plane in Sarasota County City of Venice, officials say. The Cessna 1 72 started experiencing engine trouble this morning Pilot was able to put the plane on the ground at Lake Venice Golf Club near the Venice airport. The plane came to a stop upside down. I'm read Shepherd NewsRadio w F L A W F L A news is brought to you by safe touch security. This is a Bloomberg money minute. The old ad slogan for American Express was Don't leave home without it Now, workers at American Express are being told Don't leave home at all, at least to come to the office. Max is once again delayed its planned date to start bringing back remote office staff with the new target of January 24th and have been October 11th. And yes, it's because of the surge in Covid cases, the extensions to corporate work from home plans are turning into an extension of boom times for Lulu Lemon, the athleisure and casual wear maker reports profit and sales far above forecasts for last quarter and it's hiking its forecast for the rest of the year. Lululemon shares are up 12%. An unexpectedly big drop in US new jobless claims findings last week to a pandemic low of 310,000 is helping make the case for Wall Street gains today. That and the losses of recent days Convincing many traders that now is the time to start hunting for bargains. Now, NASDAQ and S and P 500 eats are advancing about one third percent. I'm Andrew Rhodey Bloomberg Radio..

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