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Red for governor in 2016. The majority there supported in Julie this time around, suggesting statistically, the state is more united and during a press conference governor eventually did say that as governor now for a third term, he will treat supporters and non supporters all the same as he governs almost Patrick Quinn at 9 10 and now or off to the Beacon Plumbing sports desk with Cuomo's Erica, the Washington He sees an opening game Saturday night against Carol is in jeopardy following a positive Corona virus test Wednesday on the Golden Bears, Cal head coach Justin Wilcox said. It is a significant number of players who need contact tracing, so we will let the process play out. Time is of the essence. As we know the two schools. Athletic departments were in contact with each other last night. The game is still scheduled for 7 30 PM at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley. The Seahawks leave tomorrow for Buffalo is they'll face the bills. Sunday will be the third time this season the Seahawks have attendee and kick off joining the Sea Oxford, his first day of practice Wednesday. It was new defensive and Carlos Dunlap acquired in a trade last week with the Bangles some refreshing because, you know, no environment, new experiences. Everything is new to you, and you got it. You got a chance to write the story the way you want to write it, So you gotta go out there and make sure you get out to a great start story. See Jamal Adams was a fool going practice. After missing the last four games with a groin injury. Adams is expected to be healthy enough to play on Sunday and then a linebacker Bobby Wagner, was named NFC defensive player of the week. The sound was finished on a 11 draw with the L. A galaxy last night. The host San Jose on Sunday Sports A 10 and 40 minutes past the hour. I'm Eric Giants on coma News back to the presidential election at 9 11 and still no clear winner in Georgia. ABC is Mona Co star OB. De has the latest on the ballot count their trumps lead shrinking after workers scan the final absentee ballots in Fulton County. The state's most populous county, which includes Atlanta. Any ballots in there that are flag to be adjudicated by the boat Review panel. Those.

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