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Treasure. That's not really how it happened at all. The movie never really mentioned if this is truly Seabiscuit's first race with red Pollard, or if it's just the first one we're seeing in the movie. Regardless of which it is, though, I've got a link to a list of sea biscuits racing history in the show notes for this episode, and I couldn't find a horse named silver treasure anywhere in them. Although it is true that Seabiscuit did not win his first race after Charles bought him, that race took place on August 22nd, 1936 in Detroit. Seabiscuit tired and didn't place in the top three. Oh, and in the movie, when we get introduced to wem H Macy's character of tech talk McLaughlin around here, that's a completely fictional character made up for the film. With that said, though, I personally think that he adds a lot of fun to the story. I love it. It's great to see him do all those sound effects live on air. Back in the movie, after a disappointing first race, read and Seabiscuit take first place in the next race we see them in. We don't see any sort of timing for this, of course, so we don't know if this really was the next race or again, just the next race that we see in the movie. After the race, Charles talks to the press and makes the analogy of how Seabiscuit or just the biscuit may be a little horse, but he doesn't know he's little. He thinks he's the biggest horse out there. And sometimes when you're the little guy, you can do big things. It's an analogy that the movie ties very heavily into millions of Americans who, at that moment, we're feeling like the little guy themselves. After the market crash, getting back on your feet was easier said than done, but Seabiscuit was helping to provide inspiration. It is true that Seabiscuit was often shortened to just the biscuit, and we know from history that his first win for Charles Howard Tom Smith and red Pollard came on September 7th, 1936 in Detroit. That was his third race after being bought by Charles Howard. Going back to the movie, there's a Montage of races where we see the biscuit make it to the winner's circle, saying on free, handicap, San Miguel handicap, San Rafael, handicap, then William H. Macy's character tells us that makes 6 straight wins for Seabiscuit. And this streak really did happen. The first winning streak for Seabiscuit after being bought by Charles started on November 28th, 1936, it lasted for three races, though, and stopped on February 20th, 1937, when.

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