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I am at st saw software this on an of bad debts some jewish two two g judges showcase league heroin and spend on her russians man but he had sort of put you when i get software that yeah yeah arkham to the show garage show ever in brasilia all of the shows big swab cast today that's right the tally show and emotional hangs which i don't know if you guys of type 2 your name in anywhere it wants to autocorrect too emotional hanks now i get emotional hands a whole really yehya whenever i try and just writing email about the show it always comes out emotional hand mind sounds like a pretty decent allcountry country act your sounds more like eighty since pop i like that i like that well year kurtz gugel is just use to him searching what should i finger my pillow emotional hey fido it it always is is puffs right up just holding it for you on wordpress whenever you want to act of eta and we do me in the studio here and you have your friend here yes hi craig williams greg craig good to be here could meet you guys yeah you to man's and fellas thank you there's gonna be a whole hour friendships going to be great yeah you guys are really into two friendship i wanted to ask you about that and incurred i asked you about it a little bit when you were on my show a wild back you know by now that when you commit to a podcast you have to really really liked the concept because every concept is cool for one or two or three episodes what is it about adult friendship that you guys felt like you would be comfortable talking about over and over indepth over the long haul i think what it was the fact that like as adults you know like once your past thirty it's very rare tech make a new friend and kind of habits stick like you have a bunch of people here like yeah like that person but i'm not really gonna make a commitment to being a friend with them you know and then and i just had this kind of thing where we we.

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