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At us because now former fox 29 assistant news director lesley patterson tyler says newsroom firings especially high profile ones like matt lauer do not happen our whims i was very surprised to hear that the allegations came on a monday and then he fired the very next day she says perhaps technology is contributing to the changing culture of holding men accountable when it comes to sexual harassment allegations i don't know specifically with the matt lauer case what type of evidence they have but i do think that the more cell phones that camera court conversations and video and social media and texting and sex it's easier to accumulate evidence and she adds more changes are likely to come as more women and minorities acquire executive positions the more diverse voices you have making decisions the better off you are in the longrun hadas kuznits kyw newsradio kyw news time 406 sceptre disclosing more about the body of a teenager found atop one of its train remains were found burned he was electrocuted restored steve chela while most of us were subtle the do our thanksgiving holiday 15yearold drones was by himself roman at a suburban station and for whatever reason klimova trust and he'll eased richard railcar in the predawn hours of fraught except those police chief tom tell says they may never know why did so there are several different possibilities of why a person would go on top of the train none of them are good he may have been just looking for a place to spread the night heidi but chief now still has a mess to those who see trained surfing in the movies its gbi tom cruise but he can't train surf on a train that has overhead power you will be electrocuted jones had been missing since september he was in a foster home at the time steve towerblock kyw newsradio the news time seven lasted look wondering on our fonty forecast sponsored by ukrainian self reliance on federal credit union joining us live from the cbs 3 eyewitness weather center meteorologist lauren casey thanks so much will a.

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