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Others but it also speaks of the failure to scrutinize his businesses more thoroughly during the campaign able to create an image through the apprentice that was so powerful that hillary clinton wasn't really able to counter it and no amount of news coverage during the campaign necessarily countered it either but i don't think there was enough of that scrutiny about his business before election day that is absolutely true and and for me personally painful because i i do 'cause you were doing yeah i was i was not doing enough of it but events a simple story now right a simple obscured by constant lies and and distraction is that mean trump's winning does that mean everyday he's winning yes i would say he is right now i i'd say that there there is a price to pay there is a cost to pay an and in ways that are very hard to define eventually that price is paid there's some psychic wait i mean i i don't wanna sound oh you're spending that eventually investigators wealthier this all but even with that like i just to sort of think this through myself i and after exchanging some tweet messages with nate silver i looked at us public opinion polling around the war in iraq and of course on on the day of the mission accomplished landing on the aircraft carrier with george w bush it was something like seventy percent support for both bush and and the war in iraq about a year later it stabilized for very long time a year and a half right around interestingly enough not too far off from where we are now with trump it was actually iraq was pulling more favorably than trump is it was pretty close to fifty fifty and very stable very unmoving and if you remember two thousand five two thousand six it's hard to remember that time but this was a time of enormous chaos in iraq enormous change in iraq.

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