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And i'm joe mccormack ended. It's saturday time for a vault episode. This one originally aired september twenty-ninth twenty twenty rob. This was the interview that you did with the neuroscientist. David gelman yeah. This is a lot of fun. I guess he gets into some really cool ideas here. A possible explanation for what dreams are for and one of my favorite parts. How in which ways is the human brain like. A mr potato is mr potato different from mr potato head. Well it's mr potato head. Yes okay. I guess actually. It's not mr potato head now right now. There is still a mr potato head but there's also a broader potato head concept. Okay yeah. I haven't followed all the potato head news but i've caught wind of some of the outrage over over some of it so at any rate It's a eagle uses. The potato head as a wonderful metaphor for exactly how our brain works when you plug different sensory inputs into it so I highly recommend it. It's a great great really enjoyable will interview. I enjoyed it. I think folks.

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