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I know that a lot of people listening in manhattan or the bronx or brooklyn right. Now are saying okay. Enough of the nineties bowls. I know they beat the knicks at every. Turn and michael jordan dropped. I think he dropped fifty seven one night and madison square garden. But hear me out. This is not the story about the ninety s bowls. This is a story and microcosm piece of evidence of the disturbing trend. We are living through right now which we call critical race theory. We call it critical race theory. You can call it. Whoa chasm you could call it the new racial construct you'd call it equity this example with scotty. Pippin is the perfect example. Where you have a multi decade friendship between scottie. Pippen and phil jackson. They win six championships together. Led by michael jordan. Horace grant was on the team for a couple of years and they recruited dennis rodman for the last couple of years who played for the pistons. Probably the best sports team ever assembled. I would love anyone to try to tell me otherwise. They went six in the nineties on six championships every time they went to the finals but the new way of viewing problems and this is the way we are training. Our students to look at issues is to immediately seek racial conflict. Not look at other motives not look at other potential prerequisites. So he looks at this. What instance and dan. Patrick was a very good interviewer and was very fair. Sometimes dan patrick can be all over the place. That's a different segment for a different time or dan. Patrick said hold on scott. You said that this was racially motivated. What if phil jackson's actions such as giving the final shot. Toni kukoc who he made by. The way could have been described by other factors. What if coach had the hot hand which he did. What if phil jackson. One of the you scottie. Pippen as a decoy. Which he did. They are infinite potential explanations or why this decision twenty-six years ago was made so. Why now scotty. why now. When you're being interviewed by. Dan patrick you have to come over with your massive afro. And you looks like look like you're on four hours of sleep promoting bourbon. Do all of a sudden have to say that. Phil jackson is actually david duke. Is that the way we have to now. View the nineties bowls. The nineties bowls was actually being held hostage by nathan bedford forrest. Is that the argument. That scottie pippen is now making not to mention phil. Jackson went on to go win five titles with kobe bryant with shaquille o'neal and kobe kobe bryant and the entire los angeles lakers. Probably the most -ccomplish te basketball coach outside of john wooden in history. So why now scottie pippen. We'll because this is why scottie. Pippen has always been a bitter person. This pains me to say. I love the ninety s bowls. And i've always given scottie. Pippen hall pass scottie. Pippen has never put an ultimate purpose above himself. He delayed a late season surgery at the last final championship. Run in the six year over the summer. He delayed it intentionally. Because you wanted to enjoy the summer and michael jordan even said that was a mistake. Remember this in cut fifty eight. This news report is when scottie pippen refused to play the last one point. Eight seconds of a tied playoff game because you got upset at the coach. Cut fifty eight. Why was bowls all star team. Leader scotty pippin. On the bench at the crucial climax of last night's showdown with new york phil jackson believes got pippen's defection with a combination of a number of frustrating incident leading up the patrick ewing's game-tying basket with less than two seconds. Left in the game the bulls call a time out and designed the flavor. Toni kukoc gotti pippen refused to go back in instead he went to the end of the bench hitting a second time out and new coach made the shot. Look scotty pippin is a bitter person and the critical waste grace theory. The woke the equity way of viewing the world empowers bidder people and it suffocates gratitude. Instead of scottie pippen saying you know. I made millions of dollars and i was underpaid but i signed that contract. I made right by my family but we won six titles. We won gold medals. We are the top of the world instead he decides to play into bitterness. Scotty can finally be important again by playing the victim and attacking his wonderful coach. Who nothing but decent scottie. Pippen and understanding and patient with his childlike attitude the garbage of critical race theory and how it trains people to think will destroy every single black and white relationship in this beautiful country. Scottie pippen use the defend phil jackson and honor him but now he's empowered to call. The leader of the greatest team ever assembled the worst thing. You can call somebody a racist. And if it can happen between scottie. Pippen and phil jackson. It'll happen between every single white and black friendship and relationship in america. We say they're trying to divide us. They are and use this as an example. If they can divide the nineties bowls they can divide our entire mation. This is an example of what we are teaching our children. Thanks so much for listening everybody. Email us your thoughts. Freedom at charlie. Kirk dot com. And if you want to support our program who to charlie kirk dot com slash support..

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