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On the radio because my mom lots besieging the time and. I was listening to the conversation that you having about the movement and you'll concerns about social distancing and I was getting an increase in the exercise about it and I said I said. So I'm going to phone in. To in and she said to me. You show even during Indonesia's GonNa get for us at not GonNa try so I got through and we'd slide to have a conversation about where your perspectives were in relation to social distancing I argue that you'll prism understanding of why it was imported was primarily articulate for your experiences API in the man of the whites, and therefore consequently, you hadn't considered other things and that's how we got to the point of having the debates and when you were talking to me, I came with A. Slightly different a perspective to that conversation, which was that as a community we are concerned with many things and social distancing was just added to the mix and it wasn't the top priority because there were other priorities that we were campaigning for which as community we thought were important and that was how we got to have the conversation. But I think the reason Paul, the success of the woods that we were all able to get along in the conversation just put the book in the. Side didn't have to exit. You can come back. Just, brought in very gently but we were able to talk about it in a way that wasn't aggressive. All what's the word we went shouting angry with each other I could make my point. You could make your point us was not my point might was in yours but we were able to have a good time and I think because of that dialogue, it was received very well and people felt that there was greater understanding on both sides. So you know. that. Things. Could it was quite a collaborative? Sanction I learned that you wanted my job. I. To..

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