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Three hours late for the interview and in the natural my thought is you know somebody says up three hours late i'm not gonna hire them but on the inside i believe it's christians were by the holy spirit and i just felt you know i really think i need to interview girl and i interviewed her and i really felt like it should hire her and i hired her and cra beth friend came and interviewed and hired her and they both got saved and winter or discipleship program and went for bible school and then we turned the restaurant over to nationals and the lord put this human trafficking refu ministry on those two girls heart and so what came out of just simple you know we talk about supernatural things and i haven't seen a lot of real supernatural things you know where i haven't seen anybody arms out or legs or you know anybody raised from the dead believe god does that but i've seen things that are very very supernatural that don't look spectacular but that god was definitely in and just tuesday that girl and and and having her come when she was three hours three hours late for the interview with supernatural and through that we got those girls information and some literature from other ministries on how to work with girls and risky human trafficking and got it frankly it into the language and then those girls started going to the brothels and taking gift that we purchased to the brothel owners and to the girls that were being used and just developing relationships and one day one of the girls ask the brothel owner they said that hey would you like to make to meet an american that can speak your language and he said hey i've never even been met at american much less one that can speak my language i spent six years studying the language in the country that we work and live and so he said sure and so i went to his piece off that he had and shared the gospel and the power of the word of god and the power of the holy spirit he was convicted in and he wanted to be saved and be born again and so he's got the ball down and and he set the girls free and gave them severance pay and bought them but pickets back to their home villages and now he's actually hoping with rescue operations in this country wow how long ago 'cause you know we have diverse audience everybody that listens hear on westwood one knows that for all three of us here for myself todd and aaron faith our christian faith is the driving component of why we do what we do but we have people have different religious persuasions non religious persuasions that listen in because a they just like to get annoyed or be we might even entertain them every now and then so maybe they're listening right now and saying come on now okay so a guy at one change of heart like last week and and and yeah but you let's go back three four five months from now and and you know maybe we'll see that you know this was this is one of those reality shows where they gave you the rose at the end and then they break up the week after the show ends right so how long has have you seen andrew firstperson this brothel owners transformation how how far back is this dating how long have you seen him living differently it's been over three years at this point three years completely transformed but yet they're for three years and he hasn't like he hasn't like opened up a parttime brothel he hasn't said well you know maybe i'll just pimp out one girl no i mean he has made a clean break from living this way if there no heat the the neat thing about it is because this is illegal in the country that we're working it's not that it's a legal thing to do there if he legal but he has relationships with all.

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