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On both sides of the floor is is able to knock home her first free throw. Checking in for Blyth will be Megan how go nine forty six to play first half. Packers back into a single digit deficit. Fifteen six chance to make it eight. Becker, the free throw line, rattles at home. Becker teams leading scored fourteen points, you points per game third in the Easter Dakota conference, but just I two of the night and her team trails by eight Fifty-seven left side, and he goes baseline blocked away by shots. But a foul was called out on the perimeter. That's going to go against Becker. They're going to get Abby Darshana reach in from the sign said, the nurse collect surfers personal foul. Fifteen foul against west Fargo Moorhead inbound on the left side underneath the basket nine thirty four to play first half. They get it to how go back to the top of the key to palmi spin move at the top. Now, swings it to the left into the corner. It goes to Enin skipped past right side pony thought about a three three zone again coming out for west forego, skipped past the left now down low inside the paint to Enin hop. Step kicks it back out right wing three Palmy off right rim. Long rebound grad, thereby shots outlet. Pass up ahead taking my west Fargo, Lauren deamer to the left wing gives it to the baseline. Down low Becker strides away in new pay draws contact. And she'll the free throw line. I'll go with her personal sixteen foul or the spuds nine three to play first half.

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