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It's just so I mean, going number one just in that on top of it, so tough. I mean think about like the guys like Bennett. I mean, we even do this to Wiggins. Now, you know what I mean? I mean, especially now because he signed his new deal. But it's just like, you know, if Ben having Michael Kidd Gilchrist career, I don't know if we would've necessarily talked about him that much you know, what I mean, isn't it? Crazy. We you think we would know more about basketball than ever had evaluate with top three guys. Right. Yeah. The stats are the. Best. They've ever been the video the ability to you make video of every single offensive move Marco false made when he was in college and just spice that and watch it one after the other for five hours, and yet teams are still missing on top five picks more than ever like look at the Marco Foltz draft. There might be even have Foltz Josh Jackson and Lonzo who I'm still all by all your Lonzo stock. I'm wavering just that we bit, but you might have three of the five might never make an all star team and two of the five might be out of the league by the time. They're twenty eight. Yeah. We know if you told me Josh Jackson going to be out of the league, and he's twenty eight I wouldn't have my life against it. Like, he's minutes have gone down shacks in a more Kilfoyle. It's probably will get another shot with another team somewhere. Well, and that's and then you end up the Knicks bucks game. I went to this weekend. Where you watching a manual mood in no of online Buddha was picked seventh. Von those. The both of them highly regarded wrong spots it happens. My point is. I'm just amazed that people can still whiff on these high picks joy Okeafor, there's whipping Bennett there's whipping. Is different. Because I I know that this is an incredibly small sample size. But whatever people saw like, I watch a lot of Washington. But I love the saw him and I saw him in the in the one game that he was playing in Vegas summer league. Where just that first quarter before first half of we rolled his ankle. But he looked fine. He looked yet dynamic. He looked like he was capable of making plays and shooting and all that stuff. He rolls. His ankle they shut him down for summer league. And then somewhere in there is the speculative mystery injury, or whenever he's aggravated this thing, and you know, now, but we, but there's just no definitive time line, and because you can tell that there is some tension between brothers and the franchise you're never gonna get the true story. Yeah. I wonder when I said with by the way, I meant more like just to pick didn't work for whatever reason you think if you're in the top three especially with all the tubes attack, though, you'd think top three while these guaranteed to get somebody now. And it's like, you're not. Yeah. You don't know what the F can happen? I think Zion is the all time can't miss in a while. Maybe since Davis. It's I mean, like I back now we'll be like, I just can't believe anybody over thought. This Luca thing. You know, what I mean like, I just can't believe anybody was like maybe eight maybe trae instead of Luca. It was a great day for the ringer staff. I will mention that pretty much every on the ringer staff. Also love Foltz, which goes yet ever. You never really know. I have a couple of questions. Yeah. Sure. We always talk about when false spent two days with Boston. And then. Whatever they saw whatever. Whatever happened. They made it -ly traded the pick or try to whatever happen when there was a famous infamous at least in the rare picture of Foltz. It's a black and white photo Fulton concourse at tea garden, and he's looking at a picture of Bob Cousy and the Celtics tweeted out more essentially like the next generation, and I was like, okay, they're gonna take faults, and we'll have our choice of ball Tatum wherever and then today's later, they they did the trade. Yeah. And I was there in Boston. Couple times playoff games talking to the people. I know never got the indication from anyone that it was anyone other than faults and not even like smokescreen. I think everybody is..

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