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The last round of wet weather and the Sierra interstate eighty is open eastbound after being set down for more than twenty four hours. But the westbound lanes remain closed between Colfax and the Vata state line. Cal trans says that all the snow that's fallen in. Recent days has made it a huge challenge for crews working. The highway avalanches are also a concern service on Amtrak's California, zephyr has been suspended between Reno and Sacramento after an avalanche said snow onto the tracks near Truckee. We've learned the name of a tow truck driver who was killed on southbound highway one. In Marin county above sausalito Tuesday afternoon, while helping a stranded driver in the rain. He is thirty eight year old James Morris from Venetia Morris was killed when a pickup truck lost control on the slick roads spun out and then collided with a tow truck. It happened near the Robin Williams tunnel. The city of Napa appears though appears to have avoided any serious flooding. Even though that area was also pummeled by two atmospheric rivers this month. CBS has meant Bigler reports. It's all thanks to a flood protection plan decades in the making since eighteen sixty five the city of Napa has seen at least twenty two serious floods. Most recently in two thousand five many times over the last twenty thirty years we've had FEMA boat teams. We've had oh, yes. Responses mutual aid for different counties. Obviously our local fire department and Napa county fire agencies working together to evacuate people from their homes. But then Napa fire chief Steve brass field says in two thousand fifteen the Napa river flood bypass project was finally completed diverting and containing floodwaters during periods of heavy rain. The chief says it's made a world of difference here in the city. We haven't had to open our Yosi yet. And I hate to say that I don't want to jinx herself. But it's a it's a completely different era of not having to deal with major flooding in the downtown now, but because of the flood by fasten the flood project it's been there. Very beneficial to our community in Napa Matt Bigler KCBS, the wet and windy weather has forced officials to reopen. Santa Clara county's warming centers. KCBS? Jennifer Honda says it makes many more beds available for the homeless. There's all sorts of challenges anyway for the homeless, but where to sleep when it's pouring rain. Yeah. It's really tough. Yeah. Chevelle style mentor is homeless and says she's used the warming centers in the south bay before. But she says it's a challenge she has a grocery cart with her belongings. And no transportation that when you do.

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