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Running back they're pretty well set at that position and they've got low low cost geyser and then they took a fullback. They waited. Boy. No wider she was taken in the entire. and. I said when this DR started I said everybody gets a wide receiver. Oprah and everybody gets a car. Everybody gets a wide receiver. There was enough talent to go round for every team to a quality wide receiver in Green. Bay ended up with zero. Yes. mclovin Air Rogers maybe want to get out of there. Is that why would now if management is changing their philosophy if they invest in a first round pick in Jordan love then you know all right, pay me the next two years. Let me end up with the bears. Or? The Patriots. By the way. I had NFL scouts text me when I said that earlier in the show goes the packers have loved Aaron or the Patriots have loved Aaron Rodgers for a long time. And if you got that opportunity, let's say, Steadham, doesn't work out or Cam Newton or you have a chance to just bring him in maybe San Francisco after two more years would Jimmy G.? Could bring him in letting. Go back to California. We'll take a break more phone calls coming up. But up next, we'll talk to the Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert. Nineteen after the hour here on the Dan Patrick Show. By RECON DOT..

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