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Ballpark in watching style zone was always awesome because he always lag announced her we're i cited it's always gotta sit next to her it's very clear that he's kid here today fpj he likes dislike him and he was talking about rational in you and the clubhouse when he was a little kid and you talk about obama willie and everybody else but coming back to the giants and ninety three tell us a little bit about the decision and how it will had because they didn't even have the ballclub yet whether decision was pretty easy when you got matt williams will clark robby thompson kurt man wearing dealer was their voice clayton it was pretty easy and pretending coming home i i knew we had a chance to win i know has come to the baltic burkhead than their pitching stops off i actually knew i was coming to a to a well rounded team and and the giants have always been of a good team and you don't even even at that time probably if it was a bad team stewart a came home because that's where my heart was to come home and play in the same team and my godfather my dapoli for but it was very i was very lucky to come to a very good team but he had a role the dice with little because they didn't even on the team yet in have sought to you and peter tells me the story said we had a talk the barriers they look don't worry we're going to get the team we don't have it yet but we want you while the hard part of it was when they sent me back to the room i have i have my sued on one day and then there were walking down the hallway and for some reason they got a phone call or something i had to go back to my room and i didn't really get announcing the following day now cinema room and that pride having change calls highly fluent for just a day itself and i'm gone and they maybe stay my room i couldn't go and i think um the bodyguard was our whitney houston and at times i won the movie theater it let me go at that was unwilling ville winter meetings and i was they're covering head and it was.

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