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We want to expand those provisions and require corporations and other groups to disclose their top funders, and that should include of course, TV ads, but also online paid ads robocalls, and so forth. These reforms are going to empower American voters. They're going to encourage more diverse candidates to run for office, and they're going to help break the stranglehold that big donors have on American politics. So we're proud to deliver on our promise to the American people were proud to roll this comprehensive package out as h r one and we fully intend to do everything in our power to return power to the American people with that. I turned to one of our outstanding new members who just through. A campaign on contest defies to some of the rigors. And some of the changes that need to be made very very convincingly Representative Escobar. Good morning. Everyone wanna thank speaker Pelosi and house majority leader Steny Hoyer for their leadership. My name is Tony Cusco vodka. I am from the great safe secure US Mexico border, Al Paso, Texas. And I want to thank congressman Sarbanes for the incredible privilege of allowing us as new members to be able to sign on to such a transformative piece of legislation, and I'm very proud to have signed on today. You will see in this group this group of heroes for democracy who I am so privileged to be standing with. You will see many freshman. We are hot off a campaign trail that for many of us went on for well over a year for some of us. It was a year and a half we spent every sing. Day of our campaigns on the ground talking to constituents and I can tell you speaking for myself and many of my freshman colleagues who I've spoken to over. The course of our campaigns cynicism and mistrust of congress is at an all time high. It is at a tragic level when American people cannot trust the congress that creates the laws that govern their lives. And so we heard directly from our citizens about their disappointment with Washington DC at the very same time. We received our marching orders from them. They have told us they want us to work on an ambitious agenda. They want healthcare. They want us to deal with the challenges of our generation in climate change. They want comprehensive immigration reform. They. Investments in real infrastructure. Not a monument to division like a wall. They want real infrastructure projects. But in order for us to be able to sell that to the American public and ask them for their faith and their trust in us. We have to prove that we are trustworthy. And that is why H R one is so critical at the beginning of this new this new congress one hundred sixteen congress at the beginning of a new era in government and governance. We must demonstrate to the American public that we're willing to police ourselves in order to build the big project and dreams and Embiid that they have for our country. You know, I come from local government, I spent over a decade in local government where we passed sweeping ethics reforms campaign finance reforms because if we didn't our folks would have thrown us out of office. What is unacceptable at the local level has been acceptable in Washington DC for too long, but representatives Sarbanes thanks to you that day is over and a new day has dawned. Thank you very much. Democrats.

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