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This thanks are hanging out with us that's elvis presley nineteen sixty nine suspicious minds other people that recorded dwight yocum did agreed version where eight in ninety two fine young cannibals added version on their 1985 album that is a blast from the past as good ole wayland joe means also did a governor of red and um yeah the guy this guy who wrote the song tried to you know he wrote it and he saying it but it didn't go anywhere and then it became unions yeah it with the record there was regarded as the single that returned elvis back to the yard success following the sixday create special because you know he'd had a lulled there so anyway okay so priscilla presley at grace a magenta bush egger an embassy really a grade always a great story greedy dairy hackett jia and priscilla presley you know um she is just like the best spokesperson and the brains behind you know when elvis died he had like fi five million dollars in the bank he spent so much money but so much sure he truly live the rock and roll lifestyle that's any a yard he had why it took her five years to open graceland and she resuscitate it and you know i mean why would know that yeah well he was until michael jackson died always the number one dead earnings per share rhino he had that record for until michael died whatever five years ago so i here's the first cut.

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