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Wli too is we are going to work on earnings and maximizing earnings as long as it doesn't fundamentally hurt the price of the product and that's tough so for example pool is a product and were investing hundreds of millions of dollars in pool in order to get to people into a car those people can pay much much lower rate and the driver doesn't have to take the brunt of brunt of that and then we are also looking at benefits you know there's this as you think about the gig economy and independent workers etcetera there's this independent workers a second class citizen that all of a sudden doesn't get access to benefits healthcare etc just because they've chosen to work for themselves versus outsource their career to to accompany i think we think about the future of work work is going to be much less about a company then it is going to be about the work itself and so part of what i wanna do we want to do is to think about the independent workers not bullying a second classes and can we economically build out benefits packages and insurance so that this this can be a safer way of living while the same time being your own dishes four drivers starting to get rougher rougher listen it's i think that the competition for drivers is a bigger competition with economic context because at connie's getting better and as you know unemployment rate is at an all time low so we have to compete against the connie for drivers it's not necessarily us versus lifted cetera it's our sourcing just more drivers to come onto the platform and we have to make them more attractive because there alternatives are becoming more attractive still saying that the core business i noticed it just in san francisco prices going up quite a bit like a.

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