Typhoid, Reporter, South Asia discussed on Global News Podcast - Second Republican Senator Blasts Trump


Fiveday week from nine till six this is him saying me this is a merchant who tried to employ saudis and found that in the end he had to resort employing expatriate asians and africans indians filipinos it's such a because they worked the full quota whereas he said saudi's simply didn't want to do that frank gardner experts say a new vaccine against typhoid fever could have a huge impact millions of people contracted typhoid every year and more than two hundred thousand die from the disease the new vaccine has been recommended by the world health organization crucially works on very young children your high risk of infection his a health reporter chewed at mazumdar around twenty two million people mostly in south asia and subsaharan africa are infected with typhoid every year it's extremely contagious and spreads quickly in areas where people don't have access to clean water and decent sanitation until now there were two typhoid vaccines but neither could be given to children under two years old the decision to recommend the new vaccine was made by the who 's strategic advisory group of experts on immunisation it's chair professor alejandro calvillo toes said this maxine could help bring the elimination of typhoid closer if you can kabul these type of vaccine response to a real investment in the environment to be able to have a much better water supply and disposal of of waged i think we could really reach level in which dg she says could be something of the past.

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