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Welcome welcome everyone to the divine. I am thank you so much for being here joining us. The i'm not gonna be on here long. That's why you only see my little bobblehead face. We're going to have the beautiful stay. Should galvin stove with us. Live but before i pop on here. I just wanted to know how amazing she is. She is a widowed mother of three boys living in the midwest. Usa an after husband passed away. She began her spiritual path and was drawn to crystal energy as well as many tools of divination and she has been immersed herself into mindset and spiritual studies. She became a certified yoga teacher shortly before the pandemic began. And then collini reich master you sui righty master and a shamanic healer. She's an intuitive healer. And a mindset mentor working with multiple healing modalities. She just became a certified moon up. Moon moon allard. You're okay and finished and astrology. Course is recently completed. Her rose priestess certification through the mid magdalene rose temple. She's currently journeying with the temples of isis rose flames serpent mystery school and she strengthening her gift as a psychic medium and also to connect to the elemental galactic and anjelica. Rome's wow way amazing amazing. Well he used so much. I'm like wow. I do a lot of stuff. You do a lot of stuff. Thank you lisa. Thank you for holding the space for us. Thank you everybody for coming on here with me. We have some crazy weather. So i'm hoping that my connection stays strong but i've got lisa here if anything happens i'll be right back but thank you again. Oh my goodness happy friday. Happy day after kristallnacht. Full moon energy. We've got the full moon capricorn. Which is wonderful. However however it's bringing up a little bit of Things that we haven't resolved and some people really feel that ancestral that incestual healing that needs to be done. So so what we're hoping to do tonight is just kind of talk a little bit about energy. I obviously love energy work. And i want to run you through like maybe like a shock rebalancing and and we'll we'll take it from there so thank you. Thank you so much for being here whoo. I'm setting the intention that the connections going to hold and my dogs are going to be wonderful. So oh my goodness so yes. Thank you for that introduction. I was like wow people make fun of me. Because they're like when do you sleep. You know truthfully i. I had a hard time with time. And i never used to think i had enough time to do anything until that pandemic and it's like once we slowed down. That's when i just started learning to set my intentions to to just start diving into all this magic. So i started with yoga and i couldn't stop and here i am today. Oh my goodness so lisa. You've got cats. Are they crazy lately or is it just isn't just my dogs. My goodness i will have my door closed. And if i let one in i have six of them that means the other five one in but the long going crazy scratching at the door. Let her in and she or he laid behind me like healing me on the back of my chair and then after a little while he and good mom you can let me out now right here for a moment now. I'm done sia so all. It's so sweet to we just adopted these two so they're fairly. They're fairly new and in energy. I don't think they're used to it yet. So i'm keeping them keeping them out. We'll we'll see how this goes but yes. I always love to talk about rocky energy when i first discovered. Rocky i was a skeptic it did make any sense to me how someone could not touch my body but somehow move my energy like that didn't make any sense until i had a session and i swear i thought she was using her hands and her feet and another set of hands and she's like i didn't touch you like wait. What so. I fell in love with it and we had the slowdown last year. And i found kunda delaney. Ricky which i know. A lot of people are kind of kind of were scared about that. Kuhn laney naame. It's it's the serpent energy. And and i know that if you use it incorrectly. Views anything incorrectly. It opens your mind and you don't want open avenues. You're not ready for. But i absolutely loved it and from there. I decided that. I wanted to do the sui as well. And so i've just just a lot of magic and lately it's been a lot of priestess energy which is so needed for this world right now and how everything's going so i wanna welcome everyone here tonight. What i wanted to do to start us off is. Maybe i want to set the intention that i want to bring in some channel in some universal energy. That's not only going to be available for everyone that's here live live but for anybody watching the replay or you know regardless of the the time that you come across. This transmits that that you're going to receive exactly what's your to receive at at that time and that it's going to be for your highest and greatest good so so with that being said. I'm not sure. If you're familiar with ricky so i think i'll just touch on it a little bit. Rakia is actually channeling in the beautiful universal energy. That's available to all of us. We all have the ability to use. Ricky and you know we we come here and in our human and we forget that were really magical beings than and we have all this access to all of this. You know this magic and this universal this universal energies so when we tap into this universal energy we can. We can help reset rebalance ourselves. I know that people have had really wonderful results as far as you know i. I don't wanna say healing but you know we we've all got that ability in us and it's more so of a mindset of deciding that you're wanting to heal yourself is is really the results that you receive and that's really with anything so when we move move we move energy in our body though Sometimes you know we have this this flow. That goes through a shock. Res- we have a shocker system. I'm hoping you're familiar with it. But we've we've got the seven main shock ras from our crown to our route and sometimes that energy can get stuck and can manifest in ways that are undesirable and and it can kinda counts cater life so when we start to move at energy around it can it can bring up some things kind of like this capricorn moon. We've got this this earth energy moon and i'm an air sign and aaron an earth that they.

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