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A school donation so a few purchase one of our documentaries of black and blue which is the education version for thirty five dollars will also send a copy to a school of your choice and you just right down in the box the notes box when you order it what school or teacher you'd like it to go to and each one of these dvds has lessened planned study guides and bonus materials so a teacher there can literally put it in their computer and they can run a unit for a week on the story of black and blue and the story of courage character and our friendship between races meal black kid from detroit and white kit from grand rapids and how it should be done and it could be done today so if you go to stunt three dot com and you find the item that says school donation you can be part of this and will send you a dvd and will send a school a activity brang kruger thanks so much for your wonderful work thanks for making it a sir accessible to schools in the in for stopping vita they we sure appreciate that guy then 25 wjr traffic and weather all was first create piece of history there let's get to our medal ever wjr traffic first is bouncing by topshelf painting crews still trying to clear an earlier accident southbound on the lat at lynnwood it is continuing to affect the left shoulder left lane and the center lane and pleasant valley road is closed in both directions over ninety six deliver damage after semi hit the overcast expected to remain closed until spring try kensington route as a possible alternate theor also heinz drive between west outer drive in ann arbor trail that's close right now because of flooding at topshelf painting their name says it all interior or exterior residential or commercial topshelf does it the number one painting company in makamba in oakland county is is offering a special 25 sent off any new projects for your free estimate visit topshelf new s dot com that's topshelf us dot com i'm are metal landreau.

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