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I'm bill Seward from the twenty four hour KFI news from federal investigators have recovered an iPad that may hold information about the flight of the helicopter that crashed and killed Kobe Bryant and eight others the NTSB is Jennifer home Andy says the helicopter Mr mountain bike twenty to thirty feet Sunday and reached an altitude of twenty eight hundred feet when it lost contact with air traffic control he just sat rate for the helicopter was over two thousand feet a minute so we know that this was a high energy impact crash omen diss a preliminary report on the crash will be released in ten days but she says a final report will be released in twelve to eighteen months that will include a probable cause of the crash and recommendations to prevent future crashes a report from the Long Beach health department shows STDs are not going away we have had some increases in some of our STDs but they're still at too high of a level city health officer and Mister Davis says chlamydia rates dropped seven percent from twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen but gonorrhea what up nearly five percent he says syphilis rates stayed about the same I don't think anybody knows exactly what the increases are from there's a lot of different things a lot of different interning factors she says they include homelessness substance abuse mental health and the digital ease of hooking up she says anyone who is sexually active should be tested regularly members of president trump's defense team have finished their opening statements in the Senate impeachment trial they argued against the relevance of calling former national security adviser John Bolton to testify attorney Jay Sekulow took issue with Boltons on published book which reportedly says trump told Bolton aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations of the bidens you cannot impeach a president on it unsourced allegations from lawyers also talked about the abuse of power charge against the president they challenge the house Democrats definition of the charge.

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