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So I think right now the onus is is how well is been going to be for the entire season? That Adele determine how good this team can really be I gotTa tell you man if he is seventy five percent in the the you know more focused team oriented Ben. Rothlisberger where he's not on the on the radio. And and he's More focused if you will on his teammates in a proper way, I'll be very honest here. And in that happens. Then I think you got a top five defense in Pittsburgh you know what I mean I you got Ta. TJ. Caliber defense. No doubt about I agree I mean TJ Watt could be a defensive player of the your candidate just like his bro. Bud Pre and On the back end you got Mak- Fitzpatrick and we all know the brains of the operation right there in the middle. From an outstanding institution of higher learning the University of. Michigan. In Devon Bush. Either youngster he's he's. I think he's all grown up personally. I think, I think that's you got yourself a serious defense in Pittsburgh you. Can you give that defense? You an defense turns people over and gets people off feel because they sack people and you give that you give that defense three touchdowns offensively you give them two touchdowns couple field goals you might have you might have a championship caliber team. That's what I'm saying I mean they can. They can play against anybody in the League and have success, and if they can get the running game going and Ben can can be timely I think I, think an another addition was Eric E. Brian in the middle of the field, an area where historically distillers have never. Been Very, very strong yet in in terms of the tied in putting pressure vertically and I think if if Brian can can bring any of that, it brings a different dimension that this team has is. Honestly. Never had and and that can be scary. Jerem Bettas here on the rich Eisen show few more minutes left with you. Sir, tell me about this virtual youth program designed for middle aged middle school age students. Obviously we're in a pandemic many many schools doing online learning again. Walk me through what this is and how people can get involved J. Let me just say how it started. It started it was crazy I got a call from someone in the organization and there was a young lady who's a teacher at training camp whose kids when everything went to virtual learning didn't have computers and so we said you know that that can't happen. We've got to do something. So we one day we raised about thirty five thousand dollars for sixty kids to get computers, and at that point we realized the way to second we there's a problem here. There's kids who aren't connected. They don't have the activity. So we came up with this program connecting kids and we went out and try to get with the community and we've raised money and we. Were able to to purchase over laptops for kids and so in south western Pennsylvania and that was amazing. So we you know that's been incredible for for everyone to anybody wants to help in that regard because now we're starting to go to Detroit and we wanna go all of the all of the country eventually and you know people can just go to the bus stops here, foundation dot org or donate to the text of bus at seven, one, seven, seven seven, and that's four the connecting kids part but then we say, Hey, we need to provide something because now kids are out of school and they miss some of this learning and so we came up with this program and basically. We're watching our second check in program as a second six-week virtual enrichment session, and it's totally free. It's for kids from age ten to fourteen. All they have to go to event bright DOT COM to register. It's totally free. You've got a tech innovation classes science video of film math, zoology, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, marine biology. So many other things we've got DJ on they're going it's just Something that we saw was the issue. Now, this is for after school for kids and starting at four PM Eastern and and so we just wanted to do something to help during this pandemic, and we saw that there was a a small problem in terms of the technology not being affordable and the Internet access It wasn't accessible and that digital divide. was there. So we wanted to try to do something to step in and try to help with you know at. Underprivileged kids who didn't have that I don't have the same opportunities that other from four to five forty five PM speak as a as A. Parent of three small kids or three young kids an hour and forty five minutes of time having having Spending it and getting filling their brains with something that actually expands the mind rather than deadens it. Is a great idea and it's very welcome. It's on Mondays and Wednesdays Event Bright Dot Com. Go in search for your name. Jerome Bettis. And also the bus stops here foundation dot. Org is another way to find out stuff. Hey, man look before I let you go I'm I'm really hoping that Notre Dame plays football this year you know what? Well I'm hoping they play football this year and careful jerome you're walking into. into. Jerome Better. So I don't know. His birthday but off the top of my head, but I'm I'm assuming it definitely isn't August seventeenth twenty twenty he wasn't born yesterday was. Sixteen or whatever he knows when he calls into the show what what's This. Is Not his first Rodeo or go way back. So the reason why is do recall last year? When our Alma maters based off with one another. Correct. Remember. I. Do Recall. Okay. Do you do recall that when our monitor's faced off with one another? You and I made what we would call a friendly wager at Code I. Don't recall what I put on the line whatever it was. It was something that I was supremely confident wouldn't actually happened. Didn't okay Joe. Now, you do remember what you have to do though because you're your school law but if you were called I came on your show and I sang your fight song. As a response to that, you forget how quickly we forget. He did that did we let him off the hook? For that is this is ringing a bell. You start to get up there in age.

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