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Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. I wanna give that as an example of mardi gras or even Wayne Halloween is a case of women. Get dressed up sexy. Sure. Yeah. It's just any anybody argues any differently. And that's why we have a, quote, unquote, double standard about teachers and students and stuff like that. It's just it's fundamentally you'll get your ass handed to you by the New Orleans police department. I mean, a woman flashing a guy flashing is like the difference between offering birthday cake and birthday, caustic fluids in your eyes. I mean, one of them is delicious and welcoming the other one nobody wants nobody wants that completely different. I don't even look at my own on a on a more serious note. More serious note. This will be an none of us. Hi, fellas. I've been going back and forth about whether to write. But after the latest revelations and hearing you discuss teenagers and parties, I guess I'll throw my in my perspective when I was a freshman, I wound up at a dude's house with my friend and two other guys we supposed to be going to a baseball game. But they said, hey, let's go to this dudes house and drink my friend, really liked one of the guys. So we agreed. I'd never drank before fast. Forward delayed her in the night at which point. I have no memory. My friend told me the next day that dude locked us in the bathroom and had sex with me, and she could hear me saying no through the door. That's rough rough rough. Yeah. This dude. Brag full on rape right there. Yep. This dude. Brag to people at the school about what a slot. I was and how easy I was. I will never forget that night as much as I will never remember it either. I have no idea where he is now in if it turned out he was being nominated the supreme court. I would never tell our story. It would only ruin my life. You know? That's her decision survey. I have known half dozen women with that similar story in my life that that also didn't go to police. Anybody didn't tell anybody? And the second half of the male. Two years later. I went overseas for a year less than a month after my left after I left my boyfriend called me. He was living at my parents house at the time. He was having trouble with his to say he had slept with one of my best friends, and she was telling everyone he raped her. My neighbors saw them leaving together after this alleged rape holding hands. They're being so she was confused and thought I hadn't left yet. My friend was with me also other friends had said, this friend became obsessed with losing her virginity, my friend had made the whole thing up. So I wouldn't be mad at her for doing what she did. With my boyfriend in my house, by the way. I guess the point is rape. He things do happen. But also women lie to cover their asses. I do not believe this mansion loses career based on drunken hijinks from over thirty years ago. If a bunch of women ended up coming forward saying he was rapi. Well, that's a different story. I love the show on him. Now faculty where's my oven mitt? Well, we we send it to. UBS ground. It should be on the way there's something below UPS ground. Here's a step below. Most people aren't aware rate. Book great US mail, really slow KRLD SF OT wa keep analyzing rapi drunken stories from over thirty years ago. That's a heck of a sign off. And but thank you for the note. Sorry that happens. It's awful. That is really good. I'm sorry. Both of those things happen to you. That is really good because she has those the personal experience of both ends of this. Right. Both ends of that weren't completely possible. And then you throw in the hole. It did happen. But you're mixed up doodoo time and trauma and alcohol as to who it was which is also you know can factor in. Got a this is going to be such a low point on Thursday. And it's it's not going to get to the truth. No it can't. It's on these things are unknown and unknowable you will have to people completely sincere, and we'll be at roughly the same point. We are right now. But with video of them both. That's my belief. I I can't imagine. How it yields anything? But that yeah. That's a horrible story. Tell you what this this last allegation avenue. Audie. I will not dignify with a comment. This the second one Martinez woman is at her name Ramirez Ramirez my mistake who during the week. She was consulting with her attorney. And it's interesting that all of these people have hard core democrat activists and donors as their attorneys. There are a lot of liberal folks in the world law. But it is an interesting coincidence. But this gal during the week, she spent with her attorney trying to solidify our memories, she called a bunch of her classmates and said, you know, I'm not sure it was Brett cavenaugh, do you? Remember who was there? What was she said to quite a few of them? I'm not really sure who it was. But now she's certain having consulted with her attorney for a week. This is this is a joke from a smear from the Washington Post also weighing significantly. Here's the lack of corroboration. This is the Washington Post who hates Donald Trump. So thereby probably doesn't want cabin on the supreme court, the New Yorker interviewed multiple people who were married said we're at the party, and none of them said they could recall such an incident. This is notable. Because while forge allegation included one witness who denies recalling the alleged incident Ramirez allegedly took place in front of more people. That's more potential witnesses. But none who attest to the allegation. That's a Washington Post pointing out. So I like I said I think toward the end of the show yesterday. I think we need to move past that one and only focus on the Ford one. Right. I think the avenue whatever that's going to be and this are over in my mind, and then you focus on the Ford with his her, which I probably in the same place. I was day one. I believe them both. It's unknown. And unknowable no matter how. How long you haven't testify there? And swear up and down that what they're telling us the truth. There's there are no witnesses. And it's a damn shame. If you know, and it's so ugly, and we've got to play that that that Senator from Hawaii that's getting so much attention. Now, she has been asked three times on television on camera whether or not Brent Cavanaugh should get due process or whether or not, you know, you should you should there should be some sort of process to determine guilt or innocence in the standard v as Jonathan Trump said on FOX yesterday their legal expert. There's only one answer to that question is a US. Senator right? Yes. Everybody gets due process. It's a very simple answer you want to say but afterwards, but for years women, go ahead with that initially say, yes. Well, her answer is so revealing and we will take it up for you. But what she always says. Well, I I think we need to decide it based on the context of his rulings about women. So. This is what meaning because he is allegedly. And this isn't even clear at all allegedly. Not a big pro Roe versus Wade guy. We can't believe him. Right. That's what she is saying, which is a heck of a thing. Oh my God. Hey, there's there's the seven year old singing like an adult, Sean. You're right America loves it only. Joe hates it America loves it. So what she's she'll sing the same? She's not seeming like an adult. She's singing amazingly. It's it's exploitation. I watched this happened over the weekend and night. Conflict divisions, one of our favorite books by Thomas. So well because there's such a different way of viewing the world between people who are a left and right conservative versus liberal that. Sometimes you just you don't even think of the other person's argument because it wouldn't occur to you. Right. You don't look at the world that way or it seems so bizarre. He can't relate to it. And and this is what I saw happen over the weekend and people agreed with it, including these some of the so-called Republicans on various panels, these cable news shows do a good job of getting Republicans who hate Republicans, but or hate conservatism, even so this this movement toward look women have been wronged for years. They weren't believed is gonna.

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